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    Xpenology >= 6.1 su MicroServer

    Ciao. Anche io ho un HP ProLiant MicroServer G7 Server sul quale ero riuscito a caricare le version 5.x. Ora con il loader 1.02b per il 3615, non c'è verso che si veda in rete. Ci sono due schede di rete: una embedded e una PCI. Ho preso entrambi i MAC e li ho aggiunti nel file grub. Ho provato anche a cambiare il cavo di rete da NIC all'altra. Niente. Avete qualche idea? Grazie.
  2. Hi, I successfully installed this release on an HP Microserver. No problem. Then I installed it on an HP notebook. No issue. I even tried to install the 4.3 release. Still no issue. I configured the media indexing of all my videos, cartoons, pictures and music. The problem with the notebook (and only with the notebook) starts when I restarted it for the first time. At the reboot (and at every next reboot) the media was not indexed and the system had to re-index again everything. This is a big problem since these means I cannot start the system and stream a movie in few minutes. I need to wait at least one hour that the indexing complete. Have you got any idea why this happen? Thanks