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  1. Sorry. bad post. Got the answer. Thanks.
  2. May I know except SS, what benefit it has to use DVA3221? I have an AMD + 1050Ti setup, and would like to see if it makes general application better than 1621+
  3. Would like to ask a noob question on the AI model of DSM. Does it serves similar function of photo subject recognition as in earlier moment app in DSM6? Thanks.
  4. I uses it with proxmox, AMD 3900x + Asrock X470 TaiChi I recommend to use xpenology always with hypervisor for best compatibility and minimum loss of performance.
  5. after update and upgrade, 1621+ is working very fine. The only downside for me is lacking of valid SN/MAC.
  6. I am having problem to build with v1000 Error starting from Also I saw ^M characters after each lines in many json files. Is it normal? Thanks.
  7. so may I clarify tinycore supports 1621+ or 2422+ or not?
  8. I suggest to wait to see how the new AMD p state driver works before deciding which system to pick.
  9. DSM 7.0.1-42214 No issue on hyper backup. backup were on Google Drive
  10. I think the bare minimal is a set of drivers keep up-to-date for virtualization on qmeu for basic functioning and immediate update-proof. Then the SAS / LSI driver for passthrough TI mode as most of us are running it for storage purpose. My concerns is the ability to catch up with the update from DSM version if a huge database of drivers needs to be maintained. Its not about feature, but security if we would like to use it in production environment. It would be quite scary to have a production system running with old version known to have serious exploit.
  11. I guess we should open another thread for helping others to use the loader and to leave this thread for development needs. now this thread is flooding with operational issue.
  12. if you say passthrough, it will be raw SATA disk. if you add lvm as qcow, it is not passthrough.
  13. it should work if you only have a few and make rdm as SATA drives.