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  1. I guess we should open another thread for helping others to use the loader and to leave this thread for development needs. now this thread is flooding with operational issue.
  2. if you say passthrough, it will be raw SATA disk. if you add lvm as qcow, it is not passthrough.
  3. it should work if you only have a few and make rdm as SATA drives.
  4. A noob question. For every new loader image to test with, is it mandatory to migrate the entire system again?
  5. What CPU do you have? If it just hard-reboots it means the CPU just crashed, which usually means that it doesn't support some instructions. mine is D425, probably require DS713+ image for maximum compatibility of instruction set.
  6. most useful stuff is to use ds app on the go, while keeping the NAS under firewall. I think it should be a norm to NOT explosing the NAS to the internet, see QNAP ransome case. So with quickconnect, it is much easier to keep using the DS service. Which can only be replaced by using VPN, which is not easy in most circumstances. Anyone has a good idea of a better implementation without quick connect?
  7. I bet an AMD variant first will bring more benefit. I vote for 1621+
  8. sorry, a typo, it should be active. use any partition tools or windows diskpart. Or refer to some pages before.
  9. did you set the partition to active (sorry typo before) for synoboot1?
  10. AFAIK, the valid mac is just needed to be input to the grub, but the actual hardware mac dose not matter, can you confirm? I used it under proxmox so I acutally put the valid mac into virtual machine as well.
  11. I am no ilo user. But I guess it is possible to redirect serial out to ilo interface?