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  1. Yeah I will wait for the new source release so the VitualBox can be updated, no point going backwards, also don't want to waste Jun's time. Thanks for your help anyway, much appreciated!
  2. Well it didn't work. I mean I get the boot screen up to the moment where it says Booting kernel. but without any output it's hard to say what is going on. It basically doesn't get a DHCP lease that I know for sure as I'm doing tcpdump on my DHCP server. My new VERSION file looks like: majorversion="6" minorversion="0" productversion="6.0" buildphase="hotfix" buildnumber="7321" smallfixnumber="0" builddate="2016/04/18" buildtime="05:10:40" unique="synology_bromolow_3615xs" extractsize=680844 I think it's a correct format. I manged once to downgrade my 5.x DSM and I rmember I
  3. Scrap that, I'm being a nob, I didn't see the output from the cpio as there was no v parameter. The ramdisk file has actually uncompressed just fine. I will test it with the DSM_DS3615xs_7321.pat this evening.
  4. That's odd, I've tried Ubuntu 16 and CentOS 7 with lzma tools installed. I used kpartx on the synoboot.img so I can map the partitions, and then mounted the first partition to be able to copy the ramdisk.lzma: unzip DS3615xs\ 6.0.2\ Jun\'s\ Mod\ V1.01.zip kpartx -av synoboot.img add map loop0p1 (253:0): 0 61440 linear /dev/loop0 2048 add map loop0p2 (253:1): 0 30720 linear /dev/loop0 63488 add map loop0p3 (253:2): 0 8159 linear /dev/loop0 94208 mount /dev/mapper/loop0p1 /mnt/ mkdir dev cd dev/ cp -a /mnt/image/DS3615xs/ramdisk.lzma ls -lh -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 5.9M Nov 2 09:34 r
  5. Great, thanks for the info, much appreciated! Before I start doing any work on the image I would like to explain what I would like to achieve. My current server is running 5.2 on xenon CPU with 16 GB of ram, 6Gb LSI HBA, this is so I can run few virtual machines using the VpirtualBox with php GUI package from http://spk.diablos-netzwerk.de/#showhistory_virtualbox. It works perfectly on 5.2 and I wanted to create a test bed so I can see how it works on 6.x before I move the whole system. Unfortunately the latest supported version by the VirtualBox is DSM 6.0 7321. My aim was to ed
  6. Hi guys, I would like to make few changes to the boot image and specifically to the content of ramdisk.lzma which is in \image\DS3615xs\ folder. The problem is that I cannot unsquash the file it's giving me: Can't find a SQUASHFS superblock on ramdisk.lzma I have compiled squashfs4.3 with LZMA_XZ_SUPPORT ebnabled, but no joy. @Polanskiman, do you have any recommendation to linux flavour, packages needed or any tips how to properly unsquashfs the ramdisk.lzma edit it and then mksquashfs it back?
  7. Oh my, I feel like a total nob, I must have been blind not seeing it. Thanks for this.
  8. Hi guys, Has any of you tried to autostart VMs at Synology boot? I've read some stuff regarding this here http://lifeofageekadmin.com/how-to-set-your-virtualbox-vm-to-automatically-startup/ but not sure it this is applicable in our case.
  9. Hi guys, Does anyone get "This package does not contain a digital signature" error? Is there any other way of installing it like cmd? I'm running DSM 5.2-5565 Update 1 on NL54 Thanks