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  1. I finally made it work... you were right... the virtual machine was booting from the wrong media. After correcting things in VMWAre BIOS and using SCSI drives instead of SATA... the 5592 build is now running perfectly in my VMWare environment ! thanks ! To everyone else reading: 1. VMWare Workstation 12 2. Create virtual machine (VMWare 10 compat, Other Linux 2.6 64bit) 3. Create SCSI Harddisk 20 GB or more 4. Boot from CD using ISO or IMG 5. use Bridge network 6. Change boot order in virtual BIOS (press F2) to boot from CD first always Just ask if you need more info.
  2. Hi thanks Your guide is identical to the one on youtube i found. 1. mount XpeNoboot VMDK or IMG as boot drive 2. add a large SATA HDD VMDK 3. Boot into Installation mode 4. Find Diskstation and feed it with a PAT file 5. Reboot what happens is that the installation completes with an error most of the time and then reboot. When rebotting i get the mesage of "Operating system not found" ! I've tried with Vmware 9-10-12 compatibility, none makes any difference
  3. I've been looking around for a guide how to clean install the newest version of XPenology into a VMWare virtual machine. Since the search feature doesn't work on this site, i found a youtube video, showing me how to install the 5022 build. I did EXACTLY the same steps as in the video, but with the 5592 build instead. What will happen is that i boot -> install / apply 5592 pat -> boot and when the DSM reboots, VMware says that "no operating system found" !!!??? - Could someone point me to a guide that actually works ? - Or tell me what i might have done wrong
  4. Software raid is better than hardware raid (in most cases) ... With Hardware RAID you have a single point of failure (controller) - while with software raid, you can move your disks to another system and continue working. Parity calculation is almost cost-free on modern systems like Core i5 and i7... Perforamnce is also great .. im getting 400 MB/s read and 270 MB/s write (WriteBack Cache enabled) (4x3 TB WD RED x 5400 rpm)
  5. Thanks a lot for the link ! I just updated my 3810 to version 4 ! I'm pretty sure my DSM is not hijacked by bitcoin miners and such... i would notice the CPU spike. Also, the network trafic to the DSM is so low, that i highly doubt anything is wrong. was just wondering if someone else had noticed something similar.
  6. I don't know if this is related to XPEnology or Synology ... - I've installed Cloudstation as the only package for my DSM and disabled everything else. - I've connected it to my Windows 2008 Domain So today i logged in, and found that my download folder contained 10-12 files with weird names like: "AHSJDHASZXC" all of them 32 KB I've also noticed that tons and tons of hackers are trying to login, but all of them gets perm banned... (all of them i hope) anyone knows whats going on ?
  7. ALL devices ( Router, Switch, Ethernet nicks ) are running 1 Gbit with Cat5e cables 50/10 Mbit Cable Modem isn't good enough ??? do people really need to have Fiber 100/100 to support XPEnology ???? Yeah, true, i don't know much about Linux. So i guess you are right. No it doesn't ... If my internet is pulled down by running XPEnology on the LAN, it means that its making too much noise on the Ethernet. the DSM / Addons wasn't even setup to do anything on the internet No i wasn't ... Gigabet cabled ethernet no... i was playing Battlefield 3 as i
  8. I tried simply adding more HDD's in the VMWare interface, but i might be doing something wrong, since they dont show up in the DSM... What interface type should i use ? IDE / SCSI ?? Doing RAID inside a Virtuel DSM seems crazy - i much rather have the RAID outside, on the host system.
  9. You didn't read what i wrote: my Lan setup: - One server running VMWare with 3 virtual servers: DomainController, WebServer+VPN and XPenology DSM4.3 - Two Gaming computers - One Laptop - One Synology DS409Slim Between all nodes there are 1 Gbit Wired Ethernet It is uncertain if the problem stems from LAN interference (DSM talking too much on lan) or Internet interference (DSM doing QoS heavy tasks on internet) Like i said, the XPenology is almost unconfigured ... i set it up in VMWare and have installed 15 apps, but didn't configure any of the apps.
  10. I have 1 Gbit ethernet in the whole house. My internet is a cablemodem 50/20 Mbit...
  11. DSM 4.3 in VMWare ruins my Battlefield 3 gameplay... my game is lagging insanely !! you can see the massive lag going on in this video (starts at 1:40) I've installed the following Packages: - Audio station - Cloud station - Download station - GIT Server - High Availabillity - iTunes Server - Java Manager - Media Server - Perl - Photo Station - phpMyAdmin - Plex Media server - Python - Python 3 - SVN - Video Station - VPN Server The VMWare client, runs on a different server on the LAN (not on my gaming computer).. so it's pretty severe that it can ruin the who
  12. I've installed XPenology 4.3 in VMWare (thanks to some french guys !!) I tried expanding the disk to more than 2 TB, but VMWAre would not allow bigger than 2TB disks .. so is it possible to add more disks ??
  13. Yeah more forums, especially a Q&A and Tutorials... right now, with the limited search its really hard to find answers. its not all of us who have been digging these forums for years !
  14. manual update using DSM doesnt work Synology Assistant doesn't show the "install" option ... can't search using the forum because my therm is too general
  15. I've constructed a pretty 'heavy' virtualization environment based on a Core i5 4670 with 16 GB RAM and 3x3 TB in Stripe mode (for testing) Installed OS : Windows 7 pro x64 SP1 - VMWare Workstation 9 I've downloaded the DSM 4.2 that someone posted here on the forum, which is easy installable in VMWare Workstation. Transfer speed: Windows -> Windows : 100 / 100 Megabyte pr second (i'm maxing out the 1 Gbit LAN) Windows -> Virtual DSM : 60 MB/s (Upload) Virtual DSM -> Windows : 30 MB/s (Download) This i horrible ... for LAN files... but i can live with tho