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    Working DSM 6

    Same effect here after a few days of usage.
  2. Rolmer

    DSM 6 release date

    March 15th. Thats the deadline.
  3. Thank you, works perfectly.
  4. In workstation 9 (i dont remeber in other versions) you have the option to upload to vmware servers any virtual machine you have in your workstation. It´s as simple as right button --> upload. You import OVF to Workstation (doble click) and then upload to ESXi.
  5. Yes i did. i´m now trying to increase disk capacity from workstation and then upload again to ESXi. Everything ran ok.
  6. All perfect Here. Installed on VMware Workstation 9 and then uploaded to ESXi. Everything is running like a charm. Thanks!!.