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  1. Tho-kun

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Add the SynoCommunity repo to the package manager. That's like the first thing i do after a fresh install But those packages aren't updated for 6.1 yet i think. At least they weren't there this afternoon. Switched back to 6.02 for the moment. I'll wait a little while longer.
  2. Tho-kun

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    You can always install a SABnbzD or NZBGet docker image. Docker support exists as of DSM 6 and should provide you with a DSM-version independent install . Ohh, that's very nice If we could could get rid of this error, 6.1 would be so nice
  3. Tho-kun

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I found something out. after i've edited the synoinfo.conf, deleted/commented out the supportraidgroup and added SHR again, the error reappeared. So it has something to do with SHR. Raid Group is still being shown in the Storage Manager, even if it's commented out. I'd upload some pictures, but it says there's no space left. nvm, used the /etc Folder, not etc.defaults. Error is still there. SHR is working tho.
  4. Tho-kun

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Sounds good for a new fresh install, but otherwize wouldnt it erase alle your data on the drive ? seems like it from what i Read yeah, it deleted everything on the drives. Complete fresh install.
  5. Tho-kun

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hey! I found out that after doing an Factory Reset, the Error would be gone. Haven't seen it since then. But it seems like my favorite Apps aren't updated to 6.1 yet Need an Usenet Downloader, something like SABnbzD or NZBget. Anyone an idea if there's a similar software? As i've seen yet, no SABnzbd, no Midnight Commander.. :/
  6. Tho-kun

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Anyone knows if it's save to use 6.1 even if there's always this error about crashed drives? I'm about to do a fresh install on my NAS at the moment. But if there will be an updated release in the next days, then i'll wait. If not i'd rather stay on 6.02 a little longer and wait for a "safer" release...
  7. Tho-kun

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Look in the first post: mega:///#F!BtFQ2DgC!JgomNP3X8V9EuwxL4TXbng!5kcjyJ7R
  8. Tho-kun

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Not really. All my pre existing volumes maintained the same used/free space ratio, and my SSD that I use as cache it's working properly and with the correct size/space available. Anyone has any tips on debugging this issue? If you have a look at grub.cfg, notice that "Force Install" entry has a extra argument "syno_port_thaw=1", that is the option to prevent kernel complaining disk disabled problems, you may want to add this option to normal boot menu entry to see if it helps. Any update on this? I tried it with editing the grub.cfg with syno_port_thaw=1 but still got the same error about Disks crashing. DS3617xs Image. Disk Manager shows everything is alright tho. ^^ Edit: Even without any partitioned disks, i've got the same error btw.
  9. Tho-kun

    Is there a DS3617xs Serial Number Generator?

    I have one, but it's only an 415play. So i built a new system with 10 HDDs now. ^^ And it was working on 6.02 with quick connect.
  10. Hey! Is there a Serial Generator for the new Version of Jun's Loader? For the DS3617xs i mean. Or does the DS3615xs work too? Has anyone tried it out? only shows the old one. Thanks in Advance, Tho-kun
  11. Tho-kun

    quicknick 2.3 Loader?

    Und hat jemand eine Ahnung wie lange das noch dauern wird? Möchte mir demnächst eine neue NAS zusammenbauen. Da wäre die Version echt perfekt für. Wurde aber schon ein paar mal verschoben wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe...
  12. Tho-kun

    surveillance station

    Hallo! Weiss jemand ob es schon einen sspatcher für die Beta 8.0 gibt? Also 5070? Mich würd der Desktop Client interessieren, aber bin noch auf ner alten Version. Würd mich über ne PN freuen!
  13. I'd appreciate a link for the sspatcher too, only got the version 042. But i'd like to update my SS Would be really great if someone could send me a link over PM! Edit: Nvm, got it, it's on the forum, if someone searches for it.