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  1. my steps: 1. create the vm with the XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2.vmdk and installed dsm 6 2 the vm doesn't reboot just turn it of and copy the original XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2.vmdk into the vm folder 3. the vm already started with dsm 6. 4.volume creation doesn't work at the moment I'll try to install first dsm 5.2, create a volume and upgrade the vm
  2. Try to replace the boot vmdk with the original should work. Tested with vmware 12..
  3. Does dsm6 run under esxi? how I have to confiure the new VM?
  4. Hello, DSM 6.0 Beta will be release sun. Is it possible, to see an Xpenoboot for the beta?
  5. NAS is running. Thanks at all for your help. I only downloaded a xpe-Image of dsm 5.1 and the dsm from and the installation runs. Now I'll clean install dsm 5.2 with xpe 5.2
  6. No I have some eyes from a friend. the message after clicking to install is post init. What can I do now? The xpe doesn't get an IP..
  7. the Tip with the key down dosn't work. ther is a short beep at the speaker but not more. But thanks for your help. An other idea? I Tryed to disconect the hart disks and put it in after getting an IP but the installer say's "No Disk: Please install a disk first."
  8. My problem is: I'm blind and My xpe dosn't boot. I would like to install it new but i can't see, what the monitor shows so I need to find a Way to modify the boot stick to load the install Screen first. @Jman420 I'll try it.
  9. how can i install dsm without a monitor with xpe? Can I modify the syslinux.cfg to select the install button first?
  10. Kim waiting Zoo. Great work at all. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  11. 1. Du kannst deine Lizenz bei DVBLink über die Kontaktmail zurücksetzen lassen 2. DVBLink erkennt die freien Tuner 3. Die Registrierung läuft an Hand der Hardware-ID 4. läuft super!
  12. xpenoboot 5.2 is out and runs fantastic.
  13. @Diverge: Any news about the Boot Image?
  14. sended a donation to the project.. Can't wait for dsm 5.2.. So many great new features..