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  1. Hi, I updated the SN/MAC with legitimate SN from my old machine but I am still not able to get the video and all. Other than putting the SN/MAC on usb stick file, is there anything else I needed to do ? How did you make it work ? Is quickconnect working for you as well ? BTW I used SN/MAC from my DS218 that I am not running any more. Would that be a problem ?
  2. Just upgraded from 5.2 to 6.0.2 I am using an AMD motherboard, I had selected AMD version in the Jun's bootloader but after installation it in the info I see INTEL Core i3-4130, is this normal ? Although I remember it was showing up as intel in 5.2 as well ? Wondering if that's how its supposed to be...probably may be bcos ds3615xs uses that processor ?
  3. Got it. I understand the need for protection but I keep my NAS in the basement and being able to access the grub.cfg remotely would have been very helpful... Also I am using an AMD motherboard, I had selected AMD version in the bootloader but after installation it in the info I see INTEL Core i3-4130, is this normal ? The usb boot drive SHOULD not be mounted. It's a boot drive not a storage device. It's hidden to avoid it being edited by user while DSM is running. Should you need to edit the content of the grub.cfg file in the loader then do it on a separate machine or with another
  4. Hi, Just upgraded from 5.2 to 6.0.2 using Jun's boot loader. Now I don't see the USB drive automounted as it used to with old bootloader. Does anyone know how to access the files on USB or how can I mount the usb on system ??
  5. Once you click on the link above, it will display an excel file. How on earth, do I need to do, to get the serial generator working. I tried changing model no. but couldn't. So, how does it works? Thank you. Save and open the excel file on your pc, select the model # DS3615xs....hit F9 to generate random serial nos..Mac # will be associated with that serial # as well.
  6. I would like to know this too. I tried using the combination of random serial # and MAC address generated by excel sheet but wasn't able to use quickconnect. I always get error while trying to register. Has it worked for anyone on DSM 5.2. So? Did it worked for you? Gesendet vom C64 mit 8-Bit Soundmodulator und Datasette
  7. I sent you a PM for password as well. Please respond. Tx. I would not post here after PM some one will usually reply. got the password already. Thanks a bunch. Although on installation .spk file shows up as corrupt. Installed from synology and applied patch successfully. Tx.
  8. Strange ! I have rebooted the NAS but no go. When I open Cloud Sync App it opens up the dialogue box to create new accounts. Does anyone know where the account details are saved or is there anyway to reactivate the accounts. Tx
  9. Hi, I am running DSM 5.0-4528 Update 2/Nanoboot. I just updated my cloud sync app after I saw an available update for the app. After the update all the accounts/syncs I had created before are gone. I can still see the folders with the contents that were synced previously but now that accts are deleted, I'll have to create syns/accounts again and will have to start from scratch I guess. Just wanted to warn all users who are looking at this update. Tx.
  10. Will have to redo the config though..
  11. Similar thing occurred to me and I took the plunge and upgraded the DSM from 4498 to 4528. While upgrading on synology assistant status was "configuration lost" during the installation it went right for the installation without giving any option for migrate or what so ever. After installation was finished I was able to see all the files and folders. No data loss at all. Just wanted to give a heads up .
  12. I had asked you this question on another thread but didn't get a chance yet to upgrade. Now that there is a newer version of nanoboot, I would like to ask and confirm if I can use your steps to upgrade directly from Trantor 4.3 3810 ?? I hope migration will work on that as well. Is it safe to do so ?? Also which pat file do I need to download for this... Tx.