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  1. You can find the compiler version with the following command. cat /proc/version If you describe the error more precisely, I might be able to help you.
  2. To extract the rd.gz you should use the script contained in the linux kernel tree then binwalk linux/scripts/extract-vmlinux binwalk vmlinux So compile your fiber-channel-driver.ko and rename it to e100.ko, then pack it in rd.gz, and finally boot it with the xpenology bootloader with initrd=rd.gz.
  3. Depending on what you want to do you can either delete the rd.gz from the .config file or the one extracted from the bootloader (!rIk2BYYI!2a5_fZzyfqH7YUvmOyUXSniQeNe9nB9TkmI4qL680H0). If you want to only compile kernel modules and use the original kernel then you can just delete rd.gz from the .config. After the kernel module has been compiled you have to create a new init ram rd.gz and then add to the iso/usb and append the following argument to the kernel initrd=rd.gz , which it seems to work as a sort of overlay. If you want to run your own kernel then you have to sp
  4. Both option doesn't work. I tried in virtualbox.
  5. Only if you have a kernel compiled with specific option to export running config into /proc or, if you have compiled specific module I can confirm xpenology kernel is compiled with that option.
  6. Hi Trantor, Can you please patch the mcp89 controller? The controller is already patched in the upstream kernel but not in this the current version I tried to patch myself and it half worked, xpenology can detect my drive, but the installation failed (13). Here are my last build. Thanks
  7. It seems the issue with the updater, which want to upgrade the BIOS and it fail. I'm trying to attach a debugger to see find the issue.
  8. I built the XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 kernel with the .config and rd.gz extracted from the zImage. It can boot it, but the web interface wont allow me to install the pat and got error 13. Can any developer give me hint? I recompiled because it doesn't support my macbook, so I patched the ahci.c file. Here is my iso!LUF2kZDZ!l-trRPgU0XoNZ170O0OZY0xxQHbZ5B-hJHxUAirDMKA
  9. That's the .config taken from the latest xpenology release, dunno if that works for you.!rAtz3aqA!c2iGrRtH6W5MIlhVSNGI2gXvKI0rosiT6q701pvJWvE BTW, you can find the .config of a running OS in /proc/config.gz.