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  1. zaffe

    Compile PCSC

    Can anyone help me compile pcsc-lite with xpenology? Really want my omnikey card reader to work with oscam on Xpenology
  2. zaffe

    Update unrar version

    Okay.. Is there a way to fix this? Cant be the only one with this problem?
  3. zaffe

    Update unrar version

    Im using Sick Beard and its been working great, but after 4.3 updates it says that only unrar version 4.+ is supported and synologys version is 3.8 when using auto extract with sickbeard. I was wondering how to update this unrar version?
  4. zaffe

    Oscam with pcsc cardreader

    have u got i working with xpenology 4.3 and PCSC and oscam?
  5. zaffe

    Oscam with pcsc cardreader

    I have tried to install oscam with pcsc cardreader (omnikey) but no luck. Anyone know a guide to use ipkg and install pcsc-lite and then oscam to the dsm? Or is it possible to use apt-get in some way and install it like you do in linux.. ? Regards