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  1. Btw I still cant find a working open-vm-tools package for DSM 7. Anyone found a working solution?
  2. Bought a real sn/mac. (I have sold a lot of synology NAS, and got a lot of new customers for them, so i hope they can forgive me for this )Now it works.
  3. Are you using a valid sn/mac? I have only a valid sn, and a generated mac. Maybe this is the problem?
  4. Anyone can use Mailplus server on ds3615xs (dsm 7.1)? I have installed the package, but when i try to start a new mail system, it fails.
  5. Nevermind, its working perfectly, just have to disable IOMMU in vm settings.
  6. Can somebody sucessfully use vmxnet3 adapter in ESXI with the v0.11.2_test extra.lzma (DS3617XS)? For me, unfortunatelly the added network device not recognised, only e1000e working. If somebody know the trick, and tells me what to do, i would be happy
  7. https://skynet.zone/loader.7z Here the working loader in VMDK format. I hope the masters will do a 3617xs version, i have a real sn / mac pair for that NAS. (I have a few real 918+ sn / mac pair too, but unfortunatelly my CPU is too old for that Hope i can find a soultion. I think its impossible to get a real 3615xs sn and mac
  8. Thanks! Working like a charm. Now i have only 1 problem. I have to pass through to the VM 2 BroadCom NetExtreme NICs. Unfortunatelly the syno didnt recognise them. ) Maybe missing drivers i think. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Is there any working solution for DS3617XS with DSM 7.0 on ESXI? If yes, can somebody share with me how to create the loader? I would be grateful Thanks
  10. Hi All! First of all, thank you devs for the hard work, you are keeping this project alive, nice! Second: I would like to test DSM7 on my ESXI host. Anyone can build a 3615xs or 3617xs loader for me, if i give SN and MAC for it? Sure i would donate a few beer for the help Thanks for the help!
  11. Thanks for the quick answer. I have downloaded this http://www.filedropper.com/extra3617v0112test driver extension. The DSM version on the VM is: 6.2.3-25426 Update 2. I have only replaced the extra.lzma file in my bootloader image. But my NIC is in the thread what you linked, so i think it will work. (I cant test it right now, i get the new ethernet card tomorrow.)
  12. Hi all! This driver extension (for DS3617XS) contains driver for HP 331T NIC? It's a Broadcom BCM5719 based ethernet card. Im using jun 1.03b loader with the lastest DSM version. (Running on ESXI 7.0) It working good with Intel E1000E virtual ethernet card, but i would like to change the virtual card to a dedicated one (with hardware passthrough). Any ideas? Do i need this driver extension, or no? Maybe it cant be done with this extension? (BTW its not clear for me how should i use this driver pack. I have replaced the extra.lzma file on my bootloader i
  13. Thanks for the answer. But I'm using only 2TB-4TB HDDs, and if i want to use cache with pass-through, i have to use one SSD/HDD. As i experienced before, the DSM used only max 20GB cache for one HDD, so a 120GB SSD could cache 3-4 HDDs.. I don't have place in my server to use 1SSD/HDD for caching :/ Tapatalkkal küldve az én SM-N950F eszközömről