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  1. Ok for people using the KVM (i.e. proxmox, xeserver etc) I've made a compatible image for you.




    Its a straight conversion from the original synoboot.img



    For anyone wanting to change the MAC, Serial etc. download OSFMount from here



    Mount the image using OSFMount (Making sure to give read.write permissions)


    Open the drive, edit the grub.cfg as required


    Now find a copy of qemu-img and install it.

    You can run the following command line to convert the image to the KVM compatible qcow2 format


    qemu-img.exe convert -f raw -O qcow2 original.img output.img


    Now create a KVM virtual machine assign an IDE hardrive with the output.img file to boot and also add a 10GB+ SATA drive second.


    Make sure your network card type is set to Intel 1000e


    Boot you're VM and find it using the synology assistant (Download from synology)


    I have this working on the QNap NAS drive using their version of KVM (Virtualisation Station)



    Hope this helps!!

  2. Hello, i would like to run the new bootloader under Proxmox.

    I convert the synoboot.img to qcow2 and create a new VM HDD with the synoboot.qcow2.



    and nothing else happened.


    Anybody an idea?


    Did you download the synology assistant or try find.synology.com?


    It should come up after some minutes

  3. Ok, so had another go with the installation on my KVM (Virtualisation Station) which is running on my QNap NAS all all went perfectly.


    I used the 1.01 image file. Changed the MAC and Serial (Left the VID & PID as is)

    Converted the img file to q2cows

    Created a new VM with IDE HD booting the synoboot.img

    Created a SATA drive for files etc.

    Used the Intel Network card and matched the MAC to the one on the grub.cfg

    Booted and everything works hunky dory.


    So far I've tried most of the packages including using BTFS and they seem to be working fine! So you have a very happy customer here!


    Thanks guys for all your hard work!! Really appreciate it.

  4. I am currently running this on a QNAP NAS using its 'Virtualisation Station" which is a version of KVM.


    I've set up the synoboot.img as an IDE drive, but had to convert is to q2cows first, but apart from that it boots and works fine.


    The VM boots fine, I can find the diskstation via the synology assistant and the web page.

    I can start the PAT installation and it goes through OK until I hit the Error 13, which I know and understand is caused by mis-matched vid/pid, but how do I find the VID/PID for a IDE drive?


    I've also set this up using VMware and it boots, installs and works perfectly. The only difference I can see here between my Vmware install and my KVM is that the synoboot.img on the KVM is IDE and the VMware is SATA.


    My question is how did you find the PID/VID of the SATA drive on VMWare, as it's not booting from a USB disk? I'm 100% sure it will work in the KVM if I have any idea what VID/PID to use (BTW I did try using the same VID/PID given earlier for the Proxmox KVM, but this setup was using an emulated USB boot (Which is not available on the QNAP KVM) and not IDE/SATA.


    Any help or hints would be appreciated.

  5. Ok,


    I didn't get it to run on the run option, only the install option. So I modified the linux boot cfg to boot the install option as default. It does take ages to boot so leave it for 30mins have a cup of coffee and come back to it. Then use the synology finder to setup with the pat file.


    I've tried getting quickconnect to function but not luck. Anyone else got it to work on DSM6 and Xpenology?

  6. Just thought I would chip in with my experience.


    I've just installed this on EMu/KVM on my QNAP server, more commonly known as Virtualization Station.


    No problems what so ever. All I needed to do was the patch ISO file and used the PAT file to install the DSM OS.


    I'm using and IDE ISO boot and normal SATA HD emulation for the Harddisk.


    On the NIC side of thing its the Intel e1000 adapater. and networking is working fine.


    Everything has worked great. I've created a 40GB volume I then use with NFS boot mounting to mount my QNAP shares to the DSM6 OS. :grin:


    The only thing that isn't working yet is the quickconnect, but I'm pretty sure that is down to some other settings (time sync or double NAT, I've already got a valid mac/sn pair) and will get that sorted when I have time.