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  1. hey, thanks for that....I found out the hard way but have got this machine up and running, however I wish to take your advice and use it as a backup...any advice on which software app to use to copy the data that I want backed up to this machine Thanks Peter
  2. yes that thought occurred to me too....however whether it was just that or a combination it worked ! Peter
  3. and yet another update... so ... an old adage says "go back to basics" I did I ... I took out another USB and set it up...I went through checking of all cables and LOL I found one of the Hard drive power cables had been knocked from its plug and was not connected thus not presenting a full raid 5 setup I continued checking then started up and ....It has properly set up and is currently accepting data so thanks to anyone that would have replied...and I will now crawl off to my 'shame" corner thanks again peter.b3780
  4. further info: I have an additional set of hard drives...all new "Seagate Baracuda green - all 2TB - all formatted " ... I swapped with the other hard drives and started again ... during the post all the drives were present yet when the Usb activates the system it shows up on the PC client that there are no hard drives present,,, so I go to "synology assistant" which connects ok and gives the option to install the 'pat' file ... I tried using the 6.1 DSM 'pat' file and I am told that its not compatible with my system and I find that the only pat file it will accept is the 6.2 version (w
  5. History so far I built and had running for five years an expenology system when I had a double hard drive failure...losing all my data in the process.( I did however still have the hard drives with data that I put on the server 5 years ago....So in reality I have only lost the last 5 years....[there is a lesson here somewhere]).. I then bought another matching two drives and tried to set it up again....and then the motherboard curled up her toes and story made short ... I have a replacement older but functioning i7 computer...I set up the four drives from the crashed
  6. progress so far : Changed Usbs so now no longer an issue of same PID/VID I isolated the Asus machine and re did the whole process...I now have this one operating ok The other machine i7 gigabyte one is however most perplexing it is only intermittently coming on I have tried going back to the beginning and it still wont start...however I have now noticed that there is no activity on the network (that is the lights dont flash at either end of the cable). Trouble checking; I find that when i start the machine on an ubuntu USB the lights flash ok...Hmmmmmm! I w
  7. I have been struggling for a few days to get an old i3 computer that I loaded up with worked well and seemed to be good...However when i went to the machine today and couldnt get on via the remote on my windows desktop I re-started the xpenology machine and when it eventually started I found that most f the 'packages had stopped and refused to re should I deal with it...Im thinking thjat perhaps I should try to reset it to 6.1. any ideas would be appreciated Original thread : "installing expenology on baremetal creation" peter.b
  8. I changed the battery and its now locked in! ... yay. A new problem has developed overnight...both servers went offline the one that I was working on yesterday re appeared with a new ip address (even though a static address had been setup the other machine has disappeared altogether ... searching using arp -a doesn't list it and I cant find it using and thats end of my thing I looked at was the PID/VID on each of the USBs and they are both the same?????
  9. wow...its working...the only issue I have is in the bios....It wont keep the changes that I make.and revert6s every time its switched off, however i can cope with this manually ... its the least of the problems...big thing is that its working...thank you so're the best thanks again Peter
  10. Hi to billat29 I have had some progression... so far I have two machines I have had for 5 years the other was a newer computer withi7 capabilities after losing all my data on the ol machine (ASUS H8IM-E with a celeron cpu) ...I lost all after almost simutaneously two Hdd Failures) ... I had the original data that I started with in 2015 on a couple of old Hdds ... so I purchased a couple of new drives and set up on the i7 machine....originally starting up synology on the old usb drive...then set up all I had of the old data....and all this works ok... then I started rebuildin
  11. It seems that I have stumbled on the answer....I put the usb (the one that I had set up for 6.2)in the other machine and it has worked so...I think that the trouble has been in the old machine which ran on 5.2 and has issues with hardware ( old celeron) I am thinking that upgrading the motherboard and CPU will fix it what are your thoughts, do you have any recommendations Peter
  12. I am trying to setup a home server with backup. so far I have created one server using a USB setup with 5.2 from a set-up that my son setup for me back in 2015 and it runs ok ...I have now created a second server with four new hard-drives and am trying to create a USB for that one... now this what I have done so far: 1.create a usb with 6.1....nothing happened when I tried it in the machine 2.recreated it three further times with no result 3.created a USB with 6.2 ... this time giving an error message: 'this is not a bootable disk. please insert a bootable floppy, press any key
  13. I currently have a similar problem. firstly I am a Newb in all this My son setup the original EXPenology site for me and is currently unavailable to help. I am computer literate and can follow directions... here is my dilemma! something I have done has caused my site to become unavailable on my network...( it was probably me...however I dont know what caused the problem nor do I know how to fix it!) anyway... I found that when booting up fromUSB it would stall at this: Excution Error ============Date============ Sat June 11 14:44:55 UTC 2016 =========================== DiskStati