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  1. Hi to everybody, My name is Daniel, and i'm a new user of XPEnology. I'm trying to mount a SAN (iSCSI target) using the build 4.2 3211 Repack (1.2) and i have a problem which i will try to explain. System goes fine. I have installed the distribution using a pen drive and i have set up four hard disk (250 GB) for creating a volume. I have two Dell PowerEdge 1950 Servers with ESXi 5.5, so I have created an iSCSI target in Synology configuration and I have defined a pair of LUNS (one with thin provisioning and another without it). I have connected one of the hypervisors to Synology DSM and i have installed one virtual machine without any problem. The systems goes fine, up to here. Occasionally, when I make a shutdown guest of the virtual machine, when this VM stops, Synology starts to maintain the HDD light all the time ON, as if the Hard Disk where working at full performance (but the HDDs don't make any noise). The problem is in that moment i lost the communication with the sinology. Ping responds, but i'm not able to make a login into the web server or through SSH. The screen of the SAN doesn't respond. I'm not able of show anything. I'm only know that the system shows the Hard Disks' light turned on all the time, and i know the server receipts pings but not responds to anything else. ¿Could you know what i should be able to do? Thanks a lot. If i'm not able to turn on stably this system i'm thinking on trying another distribution as FreeNAS for example. ¿any advice? Thanks a lot