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  1. I have a question. I am running Nanoboot- DSM 5.0-4482 X64 on my VM esxi and would like to upgrade to the latest 4493. I have downloaded the new images Nanoboot 4493. What are the steps to perform the upgrade without loosing all my config and files? Thanks
  2. I have a quick question, how do I upgrade from gnoBoot Alpha 10.3 to 10.4 or future releases? I have my DSM 5 with gnoBoot 10.3 up and running and would like to do future upgrades without loosing my current configuration. Thanks a lot in advance! Zeek
  3. Hi, Did you try this http://www.thedarkcloud.net ? I did, thanks a lot!!
  4. Hello, I would like to test DSM 5.0 on my Vmware Esxi 5.5 environment. I've been reading different threads but don't seems to find a step by step on how to do a clean install. I would really appreciate if any of you can guide me trough the steps of installing DSM 5.0 using gnoboot-me as a virtual machine. Thank you in advance, Zeek
  5. Looks like it worked now. I guess I've had a corrupted DS3612xs_3202-Repack.vdi What I did was to delete my current .vdi file and convert the .img file to .vdi AGAIN, delete the virtual machine and start over. Thank you for your help!!
  6. Well, I've tried the following file DS3612xs_3202-Repack.vdi, I replaced it by removing synoboot.vdi and when I boot I get the following message: GRUB Loading stage1.5. GRUB loading, please wait... Error 22 FYI: I created DS3612xs_3202-Repack.vdi with VirtualBox command line from DS3612xs_3202-Repack.img VboxManage convertfromraw DS3612xs_3202-Repack.img DS3612xs_3202-Repack.vdi
  7. I successfully have Synology up and running on my VirtualBox. I've used XPEnology_DS3612xs_2668 for the installation. Now I am trying to upgrade to DS3612xs_3202-Repack and is not happening. How do I supposed to do the upgrade? Currently I have the IDE mounted with synoboot.vdi and a SATA Controller with HDD.vdi. What do I need to change to be able to upgrade to 3202? Any help would be great. Thanks Zeek