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  1. Nobody got this working over and NFS mounted share ? All my pictures are stored on an unRaid (Virtual) server, and I want to use XPenology just for using Photo Share to be able to easily watch my pictures on my phone/tablet ...
  2. I'm unable to use mount -o bind, how did you install fuse/bindfs ?
  3. Is there a bootstrap available ? I've checked, but this model is not supported ?
  4. Thanks, I forgot it added a new controller when adding the data disk ... The disk is now found, however, "an error has occured" when installing the image EDIT: fixed ! data disk was too small ...
  5. I'll send it tonight when I get home. I'm having no problems with otherVM's though ...
  6. Hi Tomek, thanks for your reply. Did you use a VMFS disk or RDM ? I used VMFS, but it says it can't find any hard drives
  7. Did you install DSM, and the timeout is in the manager? Or are you timing out pre-install of the pat file? What ESXi hardware are you running this on? Intel / AMD, memory, disk, motherboard, etc. Are there any other VMs on the same machine? Are you using a VMFS Disk or a RDM Disk? You may have faulty hardware (fails to virtualise). Follow the guide, use a VMFS Disk first to test that it installs and works, then delete/disconnect the disk and redo it properly with the desired Drive. All else being the same, the guide setup will work, since it is purely virtual. Same thing here..
  8. Anybody ? Why do other people get this working straight away ?
  9. Did you cross compile, or compile in the VM ? There is no gcc installed on the image ...
  10. I'm also trying to do something similar. I have XPEnology running in ESXI, and I have my files stored on unRAID (also running in ESXI). I want to make use of "Photo Station" to index the files on my unRAID server to be able to browse the pictures on my iPad. A.t.m. I am struggling to get the Package Center running ...