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  1. Buongiorno a tutti. Ho acquistato una nuova scheda madre piů performante e meno affamata di energia elettrica. Attualmente ho un sistema raid shr con dsm 5.2 formato da n.4 hd wd red 3 tb. Come effettuo il trasferimento dei dischi ? Devo usare particllari accortezze ? Ci sono rischi di perdita dati ? Purtroppo non ho possibilità di backup. Grazie
  2. Software - DSM 5.2-5592 - XPENOBOOT ON 128MB USB SD Hardware - CPU: INTEL CORE 2 DUO E7300 - MOBO: GIGABYTE GA - E7AUM - DS2H, 6GB RAM - STORAGE: 3X WD RED 3TB + 1X WD GREEN 2TB --- IN RAID SHR - CASE: Cooler Master Elite 343 - PSU: Corsair CX430 All works very very well: - debian chroot x jdownloader - torrent + emule - plex media server with smooth 1080p untouched blu ray mkv transcode - streaming with raspberry pi 2
  3. Hello everyone. I would like some advice from the experts . I own a nas xpenology homebuilt with the following specifications : mobo gigabyte GA - E7AUM - DS2H with a core 2 duo E7300 and n . 4 hd wb red 3tb . Everything works very well and I am really satisfied. But I would like to move to a more modern system with less power consumption . - You might recommend a new motherboard and a new CPU ? - How to migrate to the new system without losing data and configuration? Thanks to everyone in advance .