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  1. No - sorry - not running any of those packages. Just carried out the update everything worked perfect. Sickbeard, Couchpotato all working again just updated them via the package manager afterwards. Now onto to XBMC and MariaDB Again big big thanks this worked really well.
  2. First off a big thanks Bod you are after saving me a fair amount of time here, I was just starting to plan out my own upgrade stumbled across your post which is pretty awesome so thanks for that!! Question if you don't mind Are you running Couchpotato or Sickbeard or any of those types packages by any chance? If yes did they work after the upgrade? If you aren't no problem thanks for the post all the same really helpful. Gen
  3. generious

    Performance on esxi5.1 + gnoboot 10.3alpha

    Try and do a transfer within the device first to locate the issue. Also what type of switch is this connected to and what speeds are configured on it? You first need to figure out if it's a network issue or a disk/controller issue so test the internal transfers first. Also the difference between a RDM and a VMDK on a VMFS5 datastore is minimal there really isn't a major difference anymore.
  4. generious

    Hacked! Failing resource monitor widget, CPU usage ?

    Nope you aren't not the only one with this problem, I have had this problem week and I used the exact same link But I'm still seeing a pile of left over junk which I'm not happy about thus re-installing later this evening.
  5. Try this one if you want
  6. generious

    [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Me too Try this one here Built on 5.5 and DSM4.3
  7. generious

    [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Unlikely the vSphere caching feature will help with the swap files and read operations it will do nothing for write performance increases. Thin provisioned aren't the best for performance either, go with eager zeroed thick vmdks instead if you don't want to use RDMs in this case. The controller in the NL36L is meh under vSphere don't expect anything major from it, you will get better performance just installing Xpenology on the NL36 itself and getting a decent server ML110/150 G6/G7 for and use that for your lab instead or the newer Microserver. If you want a proper managed switch for your homelab get yourself a SG300-10P L3 switch Enjoy