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    XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.2 3211 for VMware Workstation 9

    Excellent, Tried it on VMware workstation 9 Setup i3-2100T, 8Gb ram, win7 64 bit, SSD + 1Tb WD black. (runs 30W idle...., unbelivable) Slow when i tried to use the whole 1Tb disk in VMware, 6MByte/s Very fast when I formatted the 1Tb disk NTFS in windows and then in VMware created a virtual disk with reserved space on it. Over 1Gb network Write 100-110Mbyte, read 50-60Mbyte/s, very good 40/40Mbyte/s read/write multitasking. Will use this as a backup setup for my real synology box. Thank you for this release an keep up the good work. PS. Tip to Synology, please make the software available for standalone virtual use, I would be glad to pay for it.