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  1. Installed the update on barebones with M1015 SAS controller, but it is only recognizing 2 of 8 HD, all HDs were clean with Gparted btw. What I did was to load the latest .img to USB the unzipt the rd.gz and copy the .ko on the folder named modules on the latest beta gzip back and copy rd.gz back to usb. is that the right thing whne you say to copy .ko to /lib/modules? I tried both installing with all HD attached and then just installing to one mall SSD and then re-attaching HDs after install was complete, no matter what it only recognizes 2 og the HDs attached to the SAS controlle
  2. Me too Try this one here Built on 5.5 and DSM4.3 link is dead, i will giveit a try once i can download it
  3. +1 on the ETA no pressure tho would ssd cach supported on RS10613xs+, i have an msata 128gb like to use as cache
  4. trying to install 4.3 on barebones using a M1015 flashed to IT mode, this card uses the mpt2sas drivers which worked great under 4.2, the issue I'm having is that the HD attached to the M1015 controller are not recognized, I found kind of a solution on this thread viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1361&start=80 however, when I use that zimage on the usb it does recognized the drivers but the i210 nic's are not and neither is the onboard SATA controller, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated the board is a ASRCOK E3C224 4l with a E1330 cpu, again the controller is a ServeRaid M1015 fl
  5. any sugestions on how to get the mpt2sas driver in the v1.0 release to work with a M1015 on IT mode thanks
  6. i found it here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1361&start=80 it's a top of the page
  7. so I did some reading and found out an older mpt2sas driver on the request for driver thread that someone had compiled as .ko into the kernel, I replaced the zimage on the usb and the M1015 works, however the intel i210 network does not and neither does the onboard sata. so it is a driver issue. maybe it can be fix on the next update thanks
  8. Anyone using an IBM M1015 successfully I have been trying to get one to work under 4.3 without any luck. I can connect all 8 HD to the motherboard ports but that leaves me with 0 to use for DVD drive Any ideas Thanks
  9. any idea when 4.3 is going to be esxi ready? just curious don't mean to be pushy
  10. booting a barebone system, with 8 3tb wd red on a ibm serveraid m1015 flashed to IT mode, DSM boot and I can access the admin page however is telling me that there are no HDs aby susgestions, 4.2 does install and recognizes the HDs thanks]
  11. +1 on the Pfsense I'm running everything in the house behind pfsense, squid,snort,havp, pfblocker!!!
  12. the way I see it, he created his own cooked off version of 4.3 and he cited very good reasons why not th share it. love the potential, however, the risk/state of the development is at best questionable had 4.2 running on esxi, can't afford the security risks!!
  13. I will also like to know if there is a solution for this as I'm in the same situation
  14. I have 7 3tb HD on a M1015, and one Msata 120. I'm using an USB to boot, I can see 6 of the 7 3tb on the Sorage Manager and HDD Management screen as well as the Msata drive. if I go the a shell and do a fdisk -l I can see all 7 3tb and the Msata listed. the system is reporting a Synology Hybrid Raid with a capacity of 13.62 TB does that sound right? how come I do not see that last 3tb on the Storage Manager/HDD Management screen? thanks
  15. I'm having issues booting usin a Supermicro X10SLQ-O motherboard with a XEON E1230V3, the board has the i217 and i210 for NICs and I also have an IBM M1015 IT mode. The system will boot and freeze, no kernel panic or anything like that. any ideas what could be wrong, thanks