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    Kernel building

    Hi, i build my own kernel and put the zImage onto my USB-Stick and into the *.pat. Additionally i changed the synobios.ko in both rd.gz on my USB-Stick plus in rd.gz and hda1.tgz inside the *.pat file. The whole installation process worked fine but after a reboot it shows up again my installation Interface and provides only the ability to migrate my configuration and data with a new installation. (Status migrateable) Did i forget sth or do someone knows what i did wrong? thanks for any advice! UPDATE: okay there are no data on the harddrive.. but the installer told me everythings worked fine after installation. Now i try to install another *.pat and then extract the hda1.tgz onto the hdd.. hopefully i get success because the modules of the other *.pat seems to be incompatible with my kernel build but both Versions are 3202.