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  1. XPEnology Server running as home NAS and Media Server running DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5. - CPU = Intel Core i7 950 - Motherboard = Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3 - RAM = 6GB @ 3 x 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz - SATA Card = motherboard - SAS Card = N/A - SCSI Card = N/A - Network card = motherboard - Harddrive = 2 x 1TB 3.5" 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 - RAID = Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) [1 disk fault tolerance] - USB Wifi = N/A Manufacturer and model: Novatech IREIGN 950 (28 Oct 2010)
  2. Hi sbv3000 - thanks for the tip. I have switched to using the image at the end of the "bios reset" bug thread, made sure there were no HDDs in the boot list (and moved the USB-HDD to the top of the HDD priority list in case it mattered), no sign of a UEFI setting, and reboots and now it works fine. Several reboots and shutdown/restart all working fine. The reboot is now much slower than before but that is not a big issue. I also tried the stick in different ports and they worked fine also. So yes it looks like I had the "BIOS reset" bug! Many thanks
  3. Hi all Sorry I am new to this so apologies if this is stupid however... I am using a USB stick with XPEnoboot built from the IMG. Works fine, once I have shut DSM down twice (today I wanted to change some BIOS settings to get WOL to work) using the Disk Station web access and both times when I come to restart the system it says there is no operating system installed on the USB stick. So I re-burn the image onto the USB and away it goes again with everything as it was and all data on the hard disk is absolutely fine. So I am doing something wrong somewhere. I have tried using an ISO
  4. vinntec


    When I said a lot of false positives I meant literally hundreds!
  5. vinntec


    Hi AllGamer - thanks for the thoughts. I will do a one-off scan from my Windows Norton to make sure then leave it alone.
  6. vinntec


    I am just setting up my XPEnology NAS following the course on udemy "Turn an Old PC into a powerful NAS / Media Server"and it is working absolutely fine. I installed the "Antivirus Essentials" package. This gave a lot of false positives so I had to stop it and uninstall it. The Synology forum contains lot of complaints about this on "real" NAS. So I tried to install McAfee which is also listed as I was happy to pay a small amount for it but this asks for a Synology account (which I have) but even trying to login to this from the server gives an error "The system failed to complete the req