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  1. This is a good question! I am running a N40L but am holding back until this has been clarified
  2. Thanks for your reply Jman420. I haven't had time to look into this more since posting but I will get to it soon. I just didn't want you thinking I didn't care much about your reply I've had another hardware issue unrelated to this which has gotten my attention. I really want to get this TV card to work with XPEnology as I can see no reason why it shouldn't. The only problem is working out how to do it
  3. I would like to compile drivers for my TBS6280 PCI DVB card. I have never compiled anything on my N40L XPEnology before and trying something simple like "make" doesn't do anything. I'm guessing I need to add the Toolchain maybe?? What would be better would be if I could compile the drivers on my main Linux box and move them across to my n40L, if possible. Anyway... where do I start with this anyone? I've read a few tutorials online about compiling existing drivers by rebuilding the kernel but there is no guide as to adding new drivers. BTW The TBS card has both open source and
  4. Where did you read this? Post your sources. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1082&start=240
  5. Just as a matter of curiosity (and I don't mean this as an insult or a doubt on trantor etc) but can anyone say that this build is secure and that no backdoors exist? I tried the 4.2 build and it was great on my N40L but I read 4.3 relies on something from a Chinese website. I don't understand fully what was involved with the change from 4.2 to 4.3 but I followed the every post in the thread. Once again, please don't take this as "I don't trust you guys" but I have to ask the question. Thanks for all your hard work on this. For now I'm considering NAS4free or OpenMediaVault. I l
  6. Update: I found the solution. I had to open the System Information window from the main dropdown menu. I enabled Web Services in the Internet Services section. This is strange because I don't recall having to do this on my DS209-II unit. Well it works anyhow
  7. I was trying to install tiny tiny rss on my HP N40L. It installed ok but failed to display when I input its IP address. When I checked the Control centre, I saw that web station was unticked. When I tick the box and "apply", the tick clears itself. However Photo Station works OK and I believe this needs an active web server. Also the "web" folder is not present. Any ideas anyone?