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  1. I found that it was not speedstep stopping at boot, it was Intel C-State. Now multiplier is set to Auto, Speedtep enabled and C-State disabled, shutdown works. WOL doesn't work I changed vender file and set wake from PCI/PCIE devices tried to enable wol on lan1 but the check mark doesn't show after applying after shutdown the rj45 status leds are off, no power
  2. Hi First, a big thank you for providing this version I'm trying this hardware: Asus P5Q - ICH10R 6xSata - Sil5723 2xSata - Marvell 1xIDE - Atheros L1E Xeon X5450 3Ghz (mod 771) 4Gb DDR2 2x500 Samsung SATA I had to set a fixed cpu multiplier because with speedstep enabled it stopped with something "..cpu idle...changing to hpet" Sata is set to AHCI in ports 1/2 of ICH10R DSM is installed, hdds set to RAID0, fixed IP, installed apps, mkv copy at 113 MB/s - nice hdd hibernation is working reboot also works but shutdown is not working properly, I can ear hdds powering off but fans keep on Does anyone now what setting should I change in BIOS? Is there any benefit of AHCI? I think at first sata was in IDE enhanced mode and shutdown worked, but I changed so many things in BIOS to figure out the multiplier setting, that now I don't know The control panel icon is showing a number 1 in a red circle, what is it?
  3. Hi, after some startup noob failures I have now a 4.3 xpenology Vbox running with no problems. I managed to set the real MAC address, static IP, ddns from dyndns, rsync setup. Its main purpose is for a rsync backup over internet from a Qnap box, so for now lan speed is not a concern. hardware: Asus P5Q Pentium DC e6300 2.8 4Gb DDR2 1 NIC onboard Gb 1 NIC PCI realtek Gb 2x500 SATA 2x120 IDE raid virtual machine is set with one cpu core, 2gb memory, 400gb dynamic hd, realtek NIC bridged to virtualbox host some useful info based in my setup .if your VM can't get IP from DHCP you have to set the MAC network address with the first one that appears at the VM Startup (list of four) .if you want to use the real MAC address of your NIC and you can't read the vendor file with ext2fsd with a windows 64bits try ext2isf .if you want to use a static IP to setup ddns and configure your router portforwarding manually (my router is not listed and couldn't setup with upnp), leave the bridge (MAC bridge miniport) with automatic dhcp address and setup a static IP in your XPenology network settings Thank you all for the info of this tutorial
  4. I'm trying to test xpenology in virtual box in a Dell Precision 670 dual xeon 3.6, but it shows "...kernel require x86-x64 cpu, but only detected i686cpu...", are these cpu not supported?