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  1. Ofcourse I was able to solve it by myself.. The issue was the .xpenoboot folder that has remained since dinosaurs roamed the world.. That explains why my clean install was working flawlessly. This topic explains and shows fix. For me it was timing that caused an issue as well due to the network only worked for like one minute, so i got to do it fast.
  2. Sorry, forgot to mention loaders i used.. Ds918+ 6.2.3 : Jun 1.04b (with and without extra.lzma from IG-88) Ds3615|17 6.2.3: Jun 1.03b (with and without extra lzma from IG-88)
  3. Hi, I think i messed up by upgrading to DSM 6.2.3 on my system (bare metal). I was cautious and installed a fresh copy on a separate drive and that seemed to work, but the upgrade on the actual production system is not working as expected. The issue is that the Network 'work normally' a very short while, then the DSM 'hangs' and I get forcefully logged out. When I log back in the NICS is gone. (On first login the NICS shows up and it even connects to my VPN provider automatically). This is reproducible on every system restart. I think some drivers are missing or is crashi
  4. Just wanted to post my skylake build. To make people available to google it, or ask questions. CPU: Intel Core i3-6100T Ram: Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR4 Motherboard: Gigabyte H170N-WIFI HDD: 5x4TB WD RED Case: Silverstone DS380 + CPU-Cooler: Noctua NH-L9i Low profile PSU: Corsair SF450 450W Everything seems to work (not the WIFI obviously). EXCEPT my LSI 9211 i8 HBA. It works on SHR-1 but as soon I create a SHR-2 diskgroup the system crashes, and the diskgroup fails and need a rebuild. (And it repeats, so a whole system wipe is necessary) Any ideas to a solution is welcome.