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  1. mtbf99

    Working DSM 6

    @oktisme, Can you list the files you pacthed on the VM ? I want to try to install v6 and overwrite it with patched files. Thanks
  2. mtbf99

    Working DSM 6

    bluesnow, Are you able to mount the disks ?
  3. mtbf99

    Working DSM 6

    Nice work. Can you share your knowledge with xpenology dev team ? Thanks
  4. Did you try the option "Lost you phone?" on the 6 digit code page ?
  5. mtbf99

    DSM6 and VMs

    Hi All, This a question to Synology NAS owners: With version 6 it's possible to run Virtual Machines (Guests) with Windows or other Operationg Systems ? I looked for this information on synlogy site but i'm not sure if it's possible to run full VMs or just DSM virtualized servers. Thanks in advanced.
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