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  1. Hi DHD, My issue was solved by complete reinstall of the system and data I don't know what's happend... but for this moment all seems to be working fine. Many thanks. Have a good day. X.
  2. Hi DHD, Thanks for your help. I've already tried. If I put # before vender in grub.conf, I get a different mac address at each boot, but I get an IP address from DHCP server. If I remove it, I get the right mac address without correct IP (169.254.... self attributed). If I try to install with Synology assistant I get an error message. I seen, in the excel file, that uppercase and lowercase don't give the same result. I've tried both results, you must use uppercase. Do you have any idea? Thanks. X.
  3. Hi All, I successfully installed DSM 4.1 build 2668++ 1.3a on my homemade little NAS ( MSI C847MS-E33 ). Then, I updated it directly with this build successfully, without losing data, but with a bad mac address. I tried to put an # before vender and adding mac1=... in grub.conf --> new mac address at each reboot. So I followed DHD howto changing the first mac address and serial number in the file "vender" Now , each time I boot I can see my nas in the assistant with IP address 169.xxx... with status not configured. If I try to configure it, at about 90% I get an error "losing connection". Could you help, please? Thanks. X.