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  1. Hello; I would like to build a NAS with at leas 18-20 HDDs. I though in Xpenology because I had a Synology, but when I built a couple of xpenology machines into using spare parts of my old PCs the performance was awesome. My next project it´s to build a NAS with a high storage capacity, so I will appreciate the advice. It´s basically for multimedia storage (not RAID) and to use PLEX with 2 or 3 users. I was thinking in maybe this motherboard and CPU and upgrade the sata ports with this
  2. Thank you for all your advices, but after a couple of weeks of research, I think the most convenient it´s something like that, a micro-ATX motherboard. ... d-graphics The small form factor and the 3 PCI slots are a real up for a future expansion with sata cards like ... 6816101792 I will buy a normal and cheap case ... +NXCBAYVXW Maybe AllGamer is right about the classic MOBO with CPU, but for something fast, easy and simple... an integrated "all in one non
  3. depends if... Chipset: ASMedia ASM1062 + 2x JMicron JMB575 supported by Xpenology. If it uses SATA port multiplication, then it almost certainly won't work. Damm... it was cheap for 10 SATA ports
  4. You´re right... it´s cheap and the PCI expansion slots are a real UP.... interesting. Thank you
  5. What do you think.. will this work with Xpenology? ... nsion+sata It´s a cheap optio for just a JBOD. Isn´t?
  6. if you are open to the idea of ATX, then can suggest this one, as I'm using exactly that power consumption is not so much on the motherboard but rather the CPU + HDD your 500w PSU will not be pulling 500w every second, it'll only use as much as needed a typical CPU is 55w + 8 HDDs (7w x 8) 56w even if you include RAM and whatever the MB actually uses, it won't be more than 150w average I´m really open-mind and you´re right about power consumption. I think an ATX motherboard can be an interesting option (I really like the 8 onboard sata
  7. I know this board... 91 € in ... 0.0.SIe6eD But I´m not sure about full compatibility
  8. That´s the point. Most are with just 4 (some with 6) sata ports. You have things like: ... ifications but I´s a bit expensive and I only need for storage purpose (maybe streaming) I want 10-12 HDDs (6-8 with SATA card and 4-6 on board). I was thinking about a nortmal ATX board with more onboard SATA ports, but for only a NAS for storage and looking for a good power compsuption with no virtualization I think an ATX will be a waste of resources. What´s your opinion about?
  9. Hello; I want to make a new Xpenology NAS, and I need some advice about. I need a mini-itx motherboard with CPU and a passive cooled system and an expansion sata card with (at least) 8 ports. I don´t need all ports to make a RAID, just only to add HDDs. Can you tell me a good choice fully compatible with xpenology? Thanks in advance.
  10. Will this work fine with Xpenology? I think it´s a cheap option for only a file server. If you will not virtualize, a J1900 would be enought...isn´t? As anyone tested some similar?
  11. Thank you redpineapple for your response. I thought (bad) that any working compatible linux expansion card would work in a xpenology NAS. If you say that LSI 9211-8i SA will work for all 8 disk it´s OK to me... the problem is that found a UNAS NSC-800 case to my country isn´t easy I thank you for your advice with that MB and with a LSI... I will think about it... but maybe with a Node 304 Black
  12. Why not a more simply itx? Like N3150 or N3700? I understand that a "PCIe 2.0 x16" it´s usefull for an expansion SATA card... but maybe a N3150 could fit as well. Isn´t? If I plan to upgrade an N3150 with a sata card like these; ... +sata+port ... -size+sata Can someone tell me if this will work fine with a xpenology? A cheap ITX MB with all expansion cards and 10 HDD it´s a tentative option
  13. I have the same doubt... I want to buil a new Xpenology NAS with, at least, 8 HDD and I was thinking into a "Node 304 Black". (it´s cheap ) In this threat I make a question viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14380 an @redpineapple tell me to try a UNAS NSC-800 and I think the hot swap it´s a usefull resource. After a little research and some comparatives, I think the best price/quality/benefits its the DS380, at least into a home enviroment. What do you think?
  14. Hello; I have a Xpenolgy NAS with a Q1900-ITX and a Tacens IXION case and I´m very happy with this configuration. It´s my first step with a NAS and I think the Xpenology project it´s amazing. I have tried FreeNas but isn´t the same. But now I want more space (just for multimedia storage), and I want to build another Xpenology NAS. If it´s possible, the cheapest one, because it´s just for "non-vital" information. I need a case with 8 HDDs and maybe an ITX MB with 8 SATA ports. I was thinking in (maybe) this configuration: CASE: Node 304 Black