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  1. Hello all, Since 2013 I've used 4.2.3211++ (repack v1.2) for my NAS without any problem. Today I have done a new installation of 5.2 with new disks for the volume. Now I have the same problem again: My power button is not working. I've read all the posts in the meantime from 2013 until now to see whats the current state. Because on my system /proc/acpi/events is not present. I have loaded button.ko and evdev.ko. Without the /proc/acpi/event acpid will not work. Is this a known problem?
  2. Until this is not working we don't need to take care about the usermode program acpid (or busybox-acpid). In DSM 4.3 v1.0 I've seen, that CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS is not configured. So, could please enable the follwing parameters: CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS=y CONFIG_ACPI_PROC_EVENT=y CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS_POWER=y Respectively please set the CONFIG_ACPI_* parameters to the same values as in the working DSM 4.2 Kernel. Thank you very much.
  3. And with that Kernel you really get no events in /proc/acpi/event by pressing the power button on bare metal installation?
  4. That is also my understanding: The kernel doesn't triggers the ACPI events. The busybox-acpid provided by me seems not to be the problem. So, we need to recompile the kernel with ACPI_PROC_EVENT enabled.
  5. AFAIK the acpid-enabled busybox seems not to be the problem. The kernel needs to be compiled with acpid enabled. Is it possible to start the acpid on a 4.3 system?
  6. Sorry, I haven't realized that you are using 4.3. If /proc/acpi/event is not present then the kernel has no acpi support enabled. I think the kernel needs to be recompiled with: CONFIG_ACPI=y Who has build your kernel respectively what package you are using?
  7. This means, the button.ko is aleady loaded.
  8. Simply check with: lsmod | grep button If this command gives you a line containing "button" the module is loaded (if no line appears button.ko isn't loaded).
  9. Would be also my suggestion. If you have such problems try to connect via ssh and shut down the system via the known poweroff commands.
  10. Depends on what you mean with freeze. If only the webservices freezes maybe that the powerbutton shutdown may work. What do you exactly mean with "freezes'?
  11. After some tests and after reading on the internet "syno_poweroff_feasible_check" seems to be a more save way to shutdown the system. As far as I understand it would prevent shutting down, if e.g. backup operations are still running. So, I would also vote for replacing "poweroff" with "syno_poweroff_feasible_check" in the acpid-configure script /etc/acpi/PWRF/00000080. But nevertheless, I had not observed any problems with the simple "poweroff".
  12. From my point of view the 'poweroff' command really does a graceful shutdown of the system. If I press the button I see, that my HDD LEDs are flickering and after a while one after another is powered off. The shutdown (from pressing power button until power-off) takes around 20-30 seconds. Btw, I have a hybrid RAID with 3 disks and after a poweroff with the button I never had a problem with my RAID. There was never a complain caused by a "hard" power off. But I didn't knew the special shutdown commands (syno_poweroff_feasible_check and/or syno_poweroff_task) and would test it with them
  13. Habs jetzt bei mir soweit hinbekommen und hier im englischen Forum beschrieben: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=889#p7305 Ich hoffe, es ist kein Fehler in meiner Beschreibung ...
  14. Here is my solution for this issue: powering off the DiskStation by shortly pressing the power button. I'm using 4.2.3211++ (repack v1.2) natively installed. If you want to follow these steps, do it as user root! I have packed all my file to a tar-file, which can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzg9n0336zqez79/acpid-files.tar 1. Make button.ko loaded automatically - open /etc/rc for editing - search for the first occurence of the environment variable KERNEL_MODULES and put 'button' at the end of the string. 2. Install a acpid daemon - For this I have rebuilt the busy
  15. @Rand__: Thank you! I know acpid from every Linux distribution I've used. But I was wondering that it's not already included to the XPEnology releases. I'm currently setting up a build machine and will build the missing binary.