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  1. OK so i did it wrong, i replaced the extra/extra2 then i did reboot, try insmod did not work replaced the file on /usr/lib/modules/update did not work then i placed the file in /usr/lib/modules/ reboot and now it WORKS!!!! EVEN PLEX HW TRANSCODE!!!!! i thank you so much!!!!! i even updated it on my main server!!! (is there anywhere i can donate for your work ?) THANK YOU AGAIN!
  2. Thanks for helping me out, but i have tried all of them and still nothing show up dev/dri and then now i tried this insmod and got this insmod: ERROR: could not insert module /volume1/Netwerkschijf/i915.ko: Unknown symbol in module edit, i just placed it in the update folder and on reboot i saw this but still same thing
  3. So today i have tried again, i have downloaded Loader:Jun's Loader v1.04b. ( ) then i added extra.lzma/extra2.lzma for loader 1.04b ds918+ DSM 6.2.3 v0.13.3 to the img file, convert to vmdk for esxi, run it then i backup old i915, replace it with this one the high end model (same as above but for the new driver in 6.2.3 Update2 but still nothing, not even ls dev/dri, im i doing it wrong ? thanks for helping!
  4. LS: cannot access /dev/dri: no such file ore directory So I'm doing something wrong
  5. i have tested the 915 file for my 10600t but there is no hw transcoding on plex i moved the file to the right place i rebooted and im not on 6.2.3, sudo: /dev/dri: command not found
  6. Well I'm going to test on a clean setup, as I don't want my server to crash So I'm not going to install last 6.2.3
  7. So i have server running on esxi, with i5-10600t i want to test the new driver but i don't seem to find where to place it, on the second drive where extra2.lzma is ? ore on the first one in grub submap, i have read some tut but i don't find it sorry if this is asked many times before edit, the file needed to use the patched driver is no more downloadeble 0.8_syno ds918+ - extra.lzma/extra2.lzma for loader 1.04b_mod ds918+ DSM 6.2.2 v0.8_syno SHA256: 21B0CCC8BE24A71311D3C
  8. @likeadoc does this allow me to get plex hw transcode ( i have plex pass ) but i run the script its activated but still no hw transcode on plex ( ore maby its the cpu its a 10th gen )
  9. I have same problem and the guides from Synology won't let me get into the drive...
  10. i have the same problem just now ? did u fix this ? thanks for reading
  11. hi, im using the xpenology now for more then 3 years, i runs great but now im here to upgrade because im using it to stream plex movies i moved it to my old mini pc with an i5 2.9 3.4 turbo wel now im looking in to this and i see the server is not using the turbo boost ? if i run this command grep "MHz" /proc/cpuinfo it say 2.9 even when i stream i dont go higher, is there a change to USE the TURBO if not, wich cpu is better for this then ? thanks
  12. i just installed it, and rebooted 3 times, everthing still works fine