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  1. I tried it and subsequently uninstalled it. The virtual switch is easy to get past, but you'll need at least one physical NIC (on an actual Synology box) that the virtual DSM instance can use for management and other network traffic. The NIC will be dedicated to the Virtual instance and used in the virtual switch. You could accomplish the same thing when virtualizing DSM on ESXi or any other hypervisor by just adding another virtual NIC, or passing through a physical NIC, and using it in the virtual switch as you would on a normal Synology box. My conclusion is that it is useless, unless you are deploying Synology products in a multi-tenant environment, but even then the lack of compute power backing most Synology products is the biggest limiting factor when using Virtual DSM. My feedback on the feature can be found here: https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=271&t=117474&p=429694#p429694