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  1. I ended up just using the attaching the ISO to cd-rom in VS 2.0 and then a SATA virtual disk. Set virtual bios to boot to ISO and away I went.
  2. That is where I have been getting stuck at as well.
  3. I am curious as well as I just switched out my old qnap/xpenology box for a TS-453 running qnap. I have a friend who I support on Synology , so would be handy to have a small XPEnolgy VM running as needed to keep him supported.
  4. http://www.storagereview.com/synology_d ... a_released
  5. The other transcoding use case is that you have your media stored on your NAS, but want to stream it remotely to your phone/tablet device. Depending on media format and device capabilities, you may need to have HW transcoding to be able to do that. This saves the headache of having to pre-download/convert media files prior to going to the gym/etc.
  6. I have an older qnap that is running xpenology. I agree QNAP traditionally has had stronger hardware in their boxes (why I went with them over synology the last time), but the SW side is lacking. They have been playing catch-up in many areas to synology in their OS, and their mobile apps (especially for apple) are limited compared to Synology. I guess it really comes down to how you are going to use it. Great transcoding, but if their mobile app is lacking, what are you going to play it on??? One thing to note, I have seem many on the qnap forums getting the x53 families up to 16GB of memory (even though qnap/intel only say 8GB). While it is "unsupported" there are several posts about it working.
  7. Damn man, I know your work. It was your work on Qnology that originally brought me here. Really hope you decide to stick around. There are those of us that both know of and respect the work you've done. I wouldn't have XPEnology running on my QNAP without your guidance. I think we also lost a fairly important link in all the post deletions. This is the link to Vortex's work related to getting DSM 5.1 on Thecus: http://forum.thecus.com/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=8448 I also am very familiar with Vortex's work from his QNology Qnap days and echo Jman's sentiments that I hope you will stick around and help with this Vortex. T.
  8. Xtreme - I sent you a note in the mail.
  9. There are some nice functions in 5.1.. as well as some improvements to security attack points I would imagine.
  10. Here is a link to a way to decrypt CryptoLocker files that was just released. I DO NOT know whether this will also work on SynoLocker files or not, but may be worth a shot for those who have been affected. http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/08/whitehats-recover-victims-keys-to-cryptolocker-ransomware/
  11. There appears to be an issue with the x64 4493 image file. I tried multiple ways of restoring it to a boot usb, but I kept getting non-bootable disk error. I ended up using the vfat image for 4482 and modified it for 4493.
  12. Shoudn't be a problem. I am assuming you are referring to leveraging the DSM upgrade function in the gui.
  13. Any issues with updating with Nanoboot? I believe it is basically the same as other than some drivers
  14. There is a simple solution. BUY an actual Synology NAS. Absent of that, be thankful for the hard work that people like gnoBoot and Trantor put in to bring the synology platform to the rest of us. And yes there may be some speed bumps along the way, but lets get real... Synology owes us NOTHING as we haven't supported them through purchasing their product. Would I like the newest/latest/greatest update - sure.. but i don't feel ENTITLED to it.
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