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  1. Hi, My server goes to sleep at night, but unfortunately the time within DSM (running in Hyper-V using nanoboot) is not synchronized after waking up. The domain option that tells Diskstation to synchronize with a time server when a domain user logs in, doesn't work. Manual sync with time server works fine. I also tried creating the following task in the task scheduler: "/usr/sbin/ntpdate -u -b", which works when running the task manually, but it does not do it automatically (setting it to repeat every 2 hours). Time sync is turned on in the Hyper-V Integration Services settings. Does anyone know a fix for this?
  2. OK, everything seems to work great now: I installed Windows 8.1 Pro, activated the Hyper-V role and brought over my DSM vhdx. This time I attached a dedicated Intel NIC EXPI9301CT (in Hyper-V virtual switch manager, uncheck "allow management operating system to share this network adapter") I noticed the network status within DSM is still indicated as "0, half duplex" but this time file transfers -big or small- are working fine. To be honest I have not yet tried sharing this NIC with other VMs or attach any other shared NIC in this new set-up to see if the network adapter must be made available exclusively.
  3. Within a week or 2 I will be setting up my new server which will include a 2nd Intel NIC which I will be able to dedicate to DSM (well, sort of, since my set up will not support VT-d), so let's see if this brings anything.
  4. This works, thanks for the file package and guidance so far. I installed this on a HP N36L microserver under Win 8 Pro x64 running the Hyper V role. Only experiencing one major issue at this point: Network response is swift and writing a few small files to Windows shares no problem, but anything larger than a few MB will stall and hangs DSM; network shares are lost and I cannot connect anymore. This happens both with attached VHDX and pass-through physical disk (500GB WD). Looks like (virtual) UDMA issue? On the other hand, within DSM, under network interface, network status indicates "0, Half duplex", so this is probably the main cause. Anyone experiencing anything similar? [EDIT:] just checked on a mac through AFP: exact same issue. 5MB no problem, 15MB hangs.