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  1. iceget

    Working DSM 6

    Hey fine work! I only had a question: do you have a *.IMG (from the *.ISO) for boot from regular hardware without an DVD-ROM Device? Thanks many greets
  2. Dear Community, Have the following problem: If i connect me to my DSM 5.2 xpenology and mount via mount - tcifs a remote other xpenology DSM, i have the Problem that If i create a file test.txt in this mounted folder, the file shows (when i Do a ls - lsa) &test.txt. If i Do a rdiff from local to the mounted spare, He creates Bad folders that i can not delete with DSM 5.2 but on the other dsm i can delete all files and folders with file Station... Rsync to the same... If i mount a Windows Share, all working fine. The other dsm is a 4.2. Can anybody help me
  3. if disable the Sata ide combined mode, the 5. hdd not appears in bios. only if i enable this function the hdd appears in bios and live system linux (for test).
  4. hello peoples, thanks. now i have moved the rmmod=ata_piix line like your post. no result. in bios the harddisc was detected, but not in DSM. if i go to system info, storage only 4 harddiscs are detected. what i made wrong? so now i have installed (for test) a raidcontroller which i leave unconfigured with no array. dsm dedects perfectly. but only on the SATA port, no chance to get working? anybody here there have a HP ProLiant G7 Micro Server N54L witht the same setup?? 4 hdds in the bays, and one directly onboard? thank you!
  5. Hello, i have added this to the end of string: LABEL xpenology MENU LABEL XPEnology DSM 5.2-5644 KERNEL /zImage APPEND root=/dev/md0 ihd_num=0 netif_num=4 syno_hw_version=DS3615xs sn=B3J4N01003 vid=0x0781 pid=0x5567 loglevel=0 vga=0x305 rmmod=ata_piix not working... @ Hackerjac: if i disable your recommendation (from your post), my harddisc dosnt appears in bios. i have set the bios to the default version. what i can do? thanks
  6. *push* can anybody help me? what can i try? - live system booting (via knoppix or ubuntu) all 5 hdds detected. - dsm 4.2 on same hardware, all 5 hdds detected - bios all 5 hdds detected thanks
  7. Hello, thanks. i have deactivated this, but not success result. same as before. i have now built in other 5 hdds and installed dsm 4.2 on the same bios and same hp proliant, all 5 discs are appearing in the system.. what i do wrong? Can you help me? thanks!
  8. Hello, thanks for your info, but it's not working but i have updated the bios. i tried to upload my photos, but its not possible (board attachment quota has been reached). so now i have uploaded the photos to my website: # bios info # screenshots can you help me? thanks
  9. dear community, i have a HP ProLiant G7 MicroServer N54L Server installed with XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 and DSM_5.2-5644 Update-3. the four harddiscs in the bays are correctly detected. but i have installed one more harddisc (onboard SATA board). this HDD are detected from BIOS but in DSM there is no additionally HDD detected. how i can bypass them? thanks many greets, iceget
  10. hello, i have lost the Access data (i only have Access to all Shares on the dsm, but not for the admin / root). can anybody helps me? dsm installed as virtual machine (vmware esxi). thanks
  11. Hello, how i can Change my mac address for DSM 4.1 (trantor) in VMware ESXi? Thanks! Many greets, iceget
  12. Dear Community, how i can change the MAC-Address for a ESXi based DSM 4.2? Thanks Many greets iceget
  13. Dear Team, i use the dsm 4.2 Version on vmware esxi 5.5. if i create a 3,5tb or 4tb harddisc in vmware, i have the following Problems: after creating the new storage, the Volum disappears... i have created a Video with my problem: ... oblem.html another question: whtats the Limit of dsm 4.2 (Maximum harddisc size)? thank you very much! many greets, iceget
  14. Hello! I have released version ChangeLog ------------------------------------------------ + on first start, the vender file will be loaded + randomize buttons are added + serialnumber can now be edited you can download it from have fun! many greets, iceget @Zarocq: Thank your for the info!