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  1. Who do you thunk will carry the AAEON EMB-QM87A?
  2. I used a FoxConn D70S-P. Celeron 1037U. Only 17W. It could possibly handle 2 1080p transcodes but no guarantee. Only $80 though and only thing you need is some DDR3. p.s. I love your first 2 choices but are they available in the US?
  3. What is in there that is so appealing compared to 4.2? Let's assume that I don't care for anything other than pure NAS functionality.
  4. I'd like to ask why I can't get the WOL to set. When I try to set it I get an error. The serial # and the MAC address were set properly and I see that on router.
  5. I can confirm that 4.2 3211 works fine with this chipset....
  6. For driver request please use : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1361&p=6528#p6528 Thanks, I'd like to report the ASMedia card works now. It was a defective card and it was replaced. Everything is great!
  7. Success on a FoxConn D70S-P Mini-Itx Celeron 1037U. Everything seems to be working except the WOL. It says 'Error setting WOL' every time I try to set it. The board has the N70 chipset and Realtek 8111F LAN chip. Only issue I have is with the add-on mini-pci express SATA card. DSM does not see any drives attached to that. Without it, I am limited to 4 drives on the onboard SATA. It's a ASMedia ASM1061 based card with 2 6Gbit SATA ports.
  8. Well, it's confirmed, it doesn't work on 4.2. Any drive plugged into this card is not visible in DSM.
  9. Any luck with this? I also ordered a ASMedia ASM1061 based card hoping to add more drives to the build I am about to start.
  10. Is it working? If yes, On which build? Thanks