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  1. I like your work guys, very happy from discover this XPEnology, i've just installed this in my "server" and replace the Windows 2003 Server, the software is powerful and the things are easier to do, next step is buy a synology dedicated Hardware 2 or 4 Disk, because my company is small.. Thanks.
  2. Hi, i'm just replying to say this works ok for me. I've just built a 78LMT-S2P + Athlon II + 4GB RAM + 2x500GB @ Raid0 (5400RPM haha), tried that with XPenology 5.2 and after use the Shutdown script and give chmod +x (execution permission), this works and now i can wake-up my NAS from "Synology Assistant". I will buy a Synology 2-or-4 Disk Hardware, they deserve, because the software is impressive and the system is incredible. Thanks.
  3. Hi, it's normal that update failed to update to DSM 6 using Web Interface ? Att.