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    N54L y WOL

    Muy buenas chicos llevo ya algun tiempo por aqui, en su dia instale 4.3 y luego volvi a instalar W2012 server en mi maquina, mas que nada por que esto me parecia algo en "pruebas" y no me fiaba de perder mis datos personales. Ahora con la version 5 he vuelto a probar. Estoy obsesionado con el ruido/consumo. Como sabreis el N54L el ventilador de la fuente de alimentacion se va deteriorando con el tiempo y se vuelve muy ruidoso, yo tengo ya uno comprado para sustituirlo. Aunque me queda pendiente amortiguar el ruido mecanico de los discos en las bahia extraibles. Que son algo ruidosos. Alguno ha probado en esta DSM5 el WOL? que tal la hibernacion de los discos? Saludos!
  2. Can you test here? o the best.... Thanks!
  3. Could you please export your virtual machine to test it? I have a server currently testing Hyper-V Core on an HP Microserver NL40. Thanks in advance.
  4. It would be possible to test the function "SSD cache" with a normal HDD 2.5 "5400rpm? My idea is to see if hibernation work better.
  5. See.... ... 83&t=13722
  6. I understand!. Login for ssh, and run this command: syno_hibernate_debug_tool --enable 1 closes all what you think that might affect the hibernation. After you think time has passed for hibiernar. Re-connect and make a cat /var/log/messages Go through the log what has been happening and the reasons why he could not get in, to be busy. NOTE: when you're done do not forget to run: syno_hibernate_debug_tool --disable
  7. zigouno, forget disks to systems, the system is actually doubling each disk that is initialized. And really, that occupy what little applications not worth having a raid1 with two 250GB drives. I would leave only the 3TB raid. Forgive my poor English also, writing from Spain.
  8. One problem in sourceforge the latest available version of Toolchains and code Source is for Linux kernel 3.2.11 (Bromolow) and branch 3201 We need kernel 3.2.30 and source 3202. ... omolow%29/ ... 201branch/ Anyone know where to find them? Thanks!
  9. more information: ... 0-dsm-4-1/
  10. Apparently some people have it running. As I mentioned before the most difficult is to compile the modules. ... ot#p247269
  11. Hibernation really work, but as the system installed on the same disks, is unlikely to happen. Ideally, keep the base system in an SSD / flash drive, but I think this is not the case or the original hardware.
  12. Hi, I have installed DSM 4.2 on my HP NL40 native, (Thanks nighthawk). I installed a debian chroot to install more applications and test. I wish to meet a virtualbox plugin, but still there. So I decided to do it in a chroot environment. My main problem is that you need to build some models Virtualbox (DKMS) and therefore needs the kernel headers. Anyone have the headers for version 4.2? Thanks!
  13. Besides improved performance with SSD, consumption would have better performance? I want to say .... may be the system with the main disk spindown raid? Not if you understand my bad English. thanks and a thousand excuses.
  14. Wohhhh, fans dont slow? I miss the fans do not get their speed. My NL40 with Openmediavault and all are 28W at idle, but now had only a 1TB hard drive. Bios moded.
  15. What do you mean with power saving? My NL40 consumes about 30-33W when in idle, just as consumed with windows / debian. I see nothing unusual. Hibernation, my in 4.1 I get to work. At 4.2 I have to try. Anyway, not as work on the original hardware. But having the system here in the main disk, will be difficult to enter into rest most of their time. Thanks again!
  16. Hi Night! Installed correctly on my NL40. To solve the problem with the USB, you could load the modules before? Thanks for your work!
  17. the same error. What seems to work is hibernation. I have defined two volumes one to three discs and one more with one only hdd. It logical if I access to the volume with only one disk, no discs wake of the second volume, but this is not the case, And all disks come into operation.
  18. forgive my stupidity, I thought I had read that in version 4.1 build XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 2668 + + (more hardware) came already integrated. I updated the modules and everything works fine. For me right now, the most important problem is the spindown hardisks. (hibernate) Thanks!! PD: By the way, you have upgrade to 4.2? with last release 3202.
  19. another problem ... When I connect a USB drive to any port, it is detected as an internal disk. So no partitions mounted NTFS / FAT. Someone happens? Thanks advanced!
  20. I is exactly the same. I've even forced the hdparm command, and enters standby but instantly becomes active. Here I leave a log. I understand that this must be a limitation in the absence of the flash / microcontroller originally wearing. DiskStation> hdparm -y /dev/sda /dev/sda: issuing standby command DiskStation> hdparm -C /dev/sda /dev/sda: drive state is: standby DiskStation> hdparm -C /dev/sda /dev/sda: drive state is: active/idle DiskStation>