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  1. Rhubarb

    DSM 6.2.1-23824 - Update 1

    - Outcome of the installation/update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1-7-15284 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Supermicro X10SL7-F with Xeon E3-1241 V3 cpu and 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) ECC / NIC: Onboard Dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports via Intel® i210AT - Additional comments: Rebuilt RAID as part of the upgrade from: 10 x 8 TB WD Reds Volume 1 (RAID 6) (btrfs) to: 6(attached to SATA controller) x 8 TB WD Reds in Volume 1 (RAID 6) and 4(attached to 4 of 8 x SAS2 (6Gbps) via Broadcom 2308) x 8 TB WD Reds in RAID 5 (Volume 2). Retained btrfs for both RAID volumes. Primary purpose was to create smaller arrays to minimise stress from rechecking/rebuilding after about 3 or 4 intermittent disk disconnections over the past 6~8 months. Cause of this was never identified. All SATA cables were connected and no entries in logs indicating cause of these disconnections. It should also be noted that it was intended to do the upgrade using Jun's 1.03b and the 6.2.23739.pat. The system refused the use of 6.2.23739 and demanded 6.2.23824.
  2. Rhubarb

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Hi, Out of curiosity, what do you have you system configured as: DS918+, 916,3615xs, 3617xs? I'm very happy with my Supermicro X10SL7-F mbrd with E3-1241v3: it's rock solid (configured as a DS3615xs) with 9x8TB (WD80EFZX)in RAID 6 config; 6 of the drives are connected on the SATA ports and remainder on 3 of the 8 LSI2308 SAS ports. I did recently experience connection errors with one of the drives which has now been RMA'd back to WD, Vietnam, for replacement under warranty. Am using the box mainly media storage (photo collections; Plex server for my smart tv; and media downloads via Sonar, SABnzbd, etc). Using my old DS1513+ (5x4TB WD40EFRX) to back up important data via Hyperbackup. Have additional off-site backup of important data via a 4 mile wi-fi connection across the valley to my son's house. Use that same connection to access his video library and for his family to access mine. While I have both the X10SL7-F LAN ports bonded, I'm getting transfer rates of averaging 90 MB/s to my desktop PC whilst simultaneously transferring at about 30 MB/s to a notebook PC (also via a hardwired ethernet connection). This is with multiple (15~20 Mb) photo jpgs and the occasional video files ranging in size from 70 Mb to upwards of 500 Mb). I am getting read/write speeds on the Xpenology box maxing out my PCs single ethernet connection at 107~114 MB/s (mainly about 110~112 MB/s). No problems running Photostation for displaying photo library; but original media is stored separately on the disks. No problems running the DSM 6.1.7-15284-1 using Jun's 1.02b, I'm not game to try moving to DSM 6.2 with Jun's 1.03a, just yet.
  3. Rhubarb

    DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8

    Downloaded this update about 10 mins ago and installed on my xP3615xs baremetal. No dramas, install went to plan and system was back up and functioning normally within 6 minutes of the restart commencing.
  4. My Xpenology box is running a single volume (/volume 1) using the BTRFS system which, I understand, supports COW (copy-on-write), such that hyper backup can store multiple versions of files without duplication. Also, I have verified, via PUTTY, that the 'cp --reflink' command is available on my system (DSM 6.1.3-15152-update 5), an essential element for the COW facility utilised by Hyper Backup (which I am also using). Elsewhere, I have seen multiple users complain about file duplication created by Photo Station as it copies files to the '/photo' folder from other location on the system that those photos are already stored. I know that Synology has provided, through Storage Analyzer, a very poor (IMO) facility to identify duplicate files via MD5 checking. But this facility only identifies 200 instances of duplicates on each run, and it requires that duplicates be deleted by the operator (no batch deletion facility). Not only this, but it is reasonable that both the original files on the Synology/xpenology boxes and the copies uploaded to the /Photo folders are required in their respective locations. So a better option is required to deal with this issue: either hard linking of the duplicate files, or 'reflink'ing the copied data to minimize redundancy and maximize disk storage efficiency. My question is: has anyone managed to implement either file deduplication or reflinking of data on Synology's BTRFS in this way? If so, what have you achieved? Any advice please on how to proceed. Is anyone working on this issue? Apologies if this is expressed inadequately/too simply. Supermicro M'brd X10SL7-F-0 Xeon E3-1241-V3, 2 x 8 Gb DDR3 DIMMs giving 16Gb ECC DDR3 RAM. 9 x 8TB WD-Red HDDs in RAID 6 of 50.91 TB and 48.87 TB of BTRFS Volume DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 5
  5. Rhubarb

    Is DSM checking SN for video conversion?

    Well I applied with my DS1513+ S/N to my xpenology DS3615xs emulation box. Now no problem with uploaded videos. Problem, solved. All you need is a genuine Synology S/N. Unfortunately, I'm still running my xpenology box as a DS3615xs and not a DS3617xs (preferred configuration), because there is no available Sonarr packages for the DS3617xs (xeon processor) yet.
  6. Rhubarb

    Is DSM checking SN for video conversion?

    It does seem that the problem is caused by serial number or other check implemented by Synology, either in DSM or in Photo Station. My xPenology DS3615xs tells me 'Cannot display or playback this format, or the file is currently being converted.' However, I have mounted my 'Photo' folder on my authentic DS1513+ Synology box, as a CIFS shared folder on my DS3615xs. Now, when I copy the relevant file from the Photo folder on my DS1513+ (Synology box) to the relevant Photo folder on my xPenology DS3615xs, and then run Photo Station on the xDS3615xs, the video will now play correctly. In my case I have my DS1513+ on ports http/https (5002/5003) and my xDS3615xs on ports http/https (5000/5001) and can access both via the Net. Of course, Quick Connect can only be set up on the authentic DS1513+. It's about time Synology started allowing people to buy a Synology license to run on 3rd party boxes. Then they (Synology) wouldn't have to waste resources finding new ways to cripple their software when we try and adapt it to home built (non-Synology) platforms. If Synology were to devote that energy to improving their platforms instead, DSM would improve faster and Synology would get revenue from the myriad xPenology users who would be happy to pay for a license for their 3rd party boxes, until such time as they decided to purchase a real Synology device because of the increasing capabilities and capacity of the newer Synology systems.
  7. Rhubarb

    Jun's Alpha Loader for DSM 6.1

    Well, I've now reverted to DS3615xs from a Ds3617xs emulation. Still the same problem with Photostation 6.7.1-3419 - videos embedded into Photostation will not play from the Photostation web pages. Exactly the same videos play fine out of Photostation (v6.7.1-3419) on my Synology DS1513+ Have uninstalled Photostation from my xPenology device; re-installed; and re-added the photostation photos and videos to see if this solves the problem. I'm now inclined to revert my xPenology NAS to DS3617xs as the change back to DS3615xs emulation was of no benefit. Supermicro X10SL7-F mbrd, Xeon E3-1241v3, 16GB (2x8GB ECC), 4x8TB WD80EFZX HDD in RAID 6 config: baremetal.
  8. Rhubarb

    Jun's Alpha Loader for DSM 6.1

    My question. You were running DSM 5.2 on xpenology DS3615XS just fine. Why did you upgraded to Jun's DS3617XS instead of the same Jun's DS3615XS bootloader? Elpee Posts: 137 Joined: 19 Feb 2014 01:22 I decided to go to the DS3617xs instead of the DS3615xs because the 3617xs more closely resembled my Xeon processor, whereas the 3615xs has a normal Intel (non-xeon) cpu. Problem is, that Synology seem to regard the DS3617xs as a "business" product and seem to have 'crippled' it from running some of the transcoding apps (and apparently this includes video playback from Photostation 6 (I'm currently running version 6.7.1-3419).
  9. Rhubarb

    Jun's Alpha Loader for DSM 6.1

    Photostation 6 Video Playback with DSM 6.1.1-15101 Update 2 - Differences between DS3615XS and DS3617XS When running DSM 5.2 on my xpenology DS3615XS, the Photostation application worked flawlessly and had no problems displaying both photos and videos that were in the Photostation folders. Since I upgraded to DSM 6.1.1-15101 Update 2 (and earlier iterations of 6.1) as a DS3617XS, Photostation continues to work OK, but it will no longer playback the video segments that were playing correctly in the earlier version of Photostation. The very same videos play correctly on my Synology DS1513+ (Atom based) NAS under DSM 6.1.1-15101 Update 2. I'm thinking that perhaps I should create a Jun's DS3615XS bootloader v1.02a to replace the Jun's DS3617XS v1.02a2 that currently booting the xPenology box. I'm thinking this may solve the Photostation video playback issues. Does anybody have any cautionary warnings before I go down this path. If I create a new DS3615XS bootloader using Jun's v1.02a, is it simply a matter of shutting down the xPenology DS3617XS, replacing the v1.02a2 bootloader USB stick with one with the DS3615XS v1.02a loader, and restarting the NAS? Am I missing any issues that would stop the box continuing to operate, this time emulating a DS3615XS with the same version of DSM (DSM 6.1.1-15101 Update 2)? My box comprises: Supermicro X10SL7-F mbrd, Xeon E3-1241v3, 16GB (2x8GB ECC), 4x8TB WD80EFZX HDD in RAID 6 config: baremetal.
  10. Rhubarb

    Jun's Alpha Loader for DSM 6.1

    On your Xpenology box, if I am not mistaken you actually installed DSM 6.1.1 directly instead of updating DSM 6.1 to DSM 6.1.1. Is that correct? Also I advise against going any further in applying updates. Read the other topics in the forum about the state of affairs concerning DSM 6.1.1. Jun's loader v1.02a2 doesn't seem to be handling properly DSM 6.1.1. So if I were you I stop updating DSM until Jun delivers an updated loader. Also your link is not valid. Thanks for your reply Polanskiman. Yes, you are correct, I did a fresh install of Jun's suitably modified synoboot1.02a2-ds3617xs.img on April 25. Have taken your warning on updates to 6.1.1 to heart; have turned off further updates pending arrival of a new 6.1.1 loader for 3615xs/3617xs. Not sure what the link was about: sorry.
  11. Rhubarb

    Jun's Alpha Loader for DSM 6.1

    That makes sense. Just don't put anything too valuable or without a backup with the current v1.02a2. That's all. Hi Polanskiman, just to update you that my Supermicro X10SL7-F based system with Xeon E3-1241v3 has continued running reliably on Jun's loader v1.02a2Alpha on DSM 6.1.1-15101 since our last discussion some days back. System was last rebooted 4+ days ago. In meantime I have been building Photostation 6.7.1-3419 albums on it and doing intensive copy and backup operations. Only issue I have noticed with Photostation is that it's screwing with .mov files. Earlier versions of that product had no problems displaying .mov, .mkv, .avi files. But it seems other people with genuine Synology boxes (like my DS1513+) have also been complaining of this issue. BTW: I updated my DS1513+ to 6.1.1-15101 update 1 today. My Xpenology (emulating DS3617xs) has not detected the availability of this update yet and tells me I've installed all important updates. Any idea on when a beta (or non alpha) build of the DSM 6.1.1 loader might become available for the DS3617xs? Thanks Addendum: System detected the 6.1.1-15101 update 1 a couple of hours ago. Update went OK - no problems. System still apears stable and reliable. Just updated Plex to PlexMediaServer- and that too appears to be working reliably. Very happy with the whole system.
  12. Rhubarb

    Jun's Alpha Loader for DSM 6.1

    Thanks for your comments Polanskiman. Will bear them in mind. I felt preferable to use DS3617xs rather than DS3615xs because the DS3617xs (with Xeon D1527 cpu) is somewhat closer to my config (Xeon E3-1241v3) than the DS3615xs which has an i3 processor. Admittedly, my system was running stable and reliably as DS3615xs under 5.2-5644 & 5.2-5967 for over 12 months. As my system is currently configured to emulate DS3617xs, I'll just leave it as is and see how it continues for the time being. I'll hang off the switch over until a full (non alpha/beta) DS3617xs DSM 6.1 release is available. If other issues arise, then maybe I'll be forced to revert to DS3615xs v1.01 config.
  13. Rhubarb

    Jun's Alpha Loader for DSM 6.1

    DS3617xs on DSM 6.1u2 using Jun's loader v1.02a2 - My system has now been running continuously for 2 days, 21 hours+ under this config. We have noticed that within SynoCommunity, many of the standard packages are not available for the DS3617xs. SABNZB, NZBDrone, and Python packages, have been modified by my son to run on a DS3617xs, and are all operational and actively managing downloads of TV shows etc. System appears stable since the migration from v1.02a to v1.02a2 (under v1.02a we had the 12 hour the Time Bomb issue). We intend running under this config for another 3 days to check reliability/consistency, before going permanent with this config. Specially built packages for DS3617xs are attached. Note: the attached SPK files still require their dependencies to function (e.g. Sonarr requires Mono - this can be downloaded from the SynoCommunity; SABNZBD requires Python 2.7 (this is included in the download). The link to the download is here: https://ufile.io/vsh34 1. DS3617xs (based on Supermicro mbrd X10SL7-F, Xeon E3-1241v3 cpu @ 3.5GHz, 4 x 8TB WD-Reds, 16GB ECC. 2. DS1513+ Synology with 5 x 8TB (WD-Reds) I'm intending to migrate the drives from the DS1513+ into the first (primary) unit and using 5 x 4TB WD-Reds in DS1513+ as a backup NAS once we go operational with the DS3617xs based unit.
  14. Thanks so much for your advice IG88. I'm certain that the SATA ports come first because in the listing of the drives I was seeing in Volume Manager, there was 1 drive, followed by vacant slots, then the LSI/SAS connected drives. On that basis I think it should be 248. I'm happy to rebuild the whole array on that basis as it's all backed up on a DS1513+ running DSM6.1 with 5x8Tb drives. Will play around with this setting and see how it goes.
  15. BTW - my NAS has 8 drives connected to LSI 2308 and 1 drive connected to SATA3-0 (6gbps).