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  1. Hi. Can anybody send me on Priv link to download file DSM 7.0 beta version 41222 for DS713+ ? I have file with older version but i resetted my NAS and now i need this version.... please....
  2. But we can not install example TVHeadend... it is no working.
  3. Oh noooo i see that on DSM 7 not working all devices on USB,.... like Tuner DVBt and other.... Why ? This is no good solution from Synology....
  4. Hi Is anybody who can download for me DSM 7 prev for model DS713+ and share me link on priv ?
  5. Can you also build and share for cedarview ?
  6. ok resolved problem but next is: Hi all I have a problem.... I installed VirtuaBox on my DSM. I have installed PHP 5.6 with SOAP extension. But after run and login as admin show me info: Could not connect to host ( Details Where is a problem ? Exception Object ( [message:protected] => Could not connect to host ( [string:Exception:private] => [code:protected] => 64 [file:protected] => /volume1/web/phpvirtualbox/endpoints/api.php [line:protected] => 134 [trace:Except
  7. Ok now installed but still have an error.... I have installed PHP versio 5.6 and 7.0 but when we update DSM 6.2 to other buld but still DSM 6.2 we also install other new version VirtualBox ?
  8. Not working on my DS713+ with kernel 3.10.105 I have installed DSM 6.2.23739 Update 2