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  1. Change SN and MAC Address after installation DSM

    I not have installed the DSM into a USB key. I've a Mini-ITX with SSD disk and 2 Western digital Red for archive. I've installed a Windows 10 pro into SSD and after i've installed VMWare Workstation. Into VMWare i use a Physical partition of SSD for install DSM and i did a RAID 1 with my two western digital red for archivation. I must edit syslinux file but i don't know where i can find it into this partition and how i must do. Can help me? Thanks
  2. Goodmorning, i've installed DSM on my VM with phisical drives and a SSD for system, i've also putted in my files. I ready yesterday the procedure for changing MAC address and SN, but the procedure mean about do it before installation of DSM. it's possibile to do it now? WIth DSM installed? Thanks
  3. Buongiorno, ho letto della procedura per il cambio del seriale e mac address dopo aver installato il sistema DSM. E' possibile effettuare il cambio in qualche modo anche dopo aver installato tutto? Grazie
  4. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Me too. I've 2 Western Digital Red 3Tb each one and they worked well for 4 years h24/365 Someone can help me to setup my Mini Itx System with Virtual Machines?
  5. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Right. N3700 i think is best buy now for my system instead of q1900. Any suggestion for make the system with an Hypervisor + vm's descripted before?
  6. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    i want buy this: Asrock Q1900-ITX Kingston HyperX Fury Memorie DDR-III da 8 GB Case Fractal Node 304 i don't know if buy 2 or 4 Western digital RED 3TB I want use this System for this: 1) NAS with Xpenology 2) HTPC for watching film on my Samsung TV 3) I've a Virtual machine that i can run on Virtualbox or VMware With A Asterisk PBX 4) a Windows system for work a little when i'm at home I've another PC with best components: I7 4790k 16gb ram Corsair Ati Radeon Vapor-X R290 Sapphire SSD 512GB Crucial in same LAN network Gigabit. I've also a Synology DS213+ original in my lan network What i want do is this: 1) Use the q1900 mini itx system for run virtual machines (asterisk pbx, windows, htpc system, xpenology for backup of my other DS213+) 2) Share a VMware system of my other PC (i7,16gbram etc) and passthrough Video card for play games with R9 290 in my Q1900 system with a vmware client My question is.. what type of hypervisor i must use for this? And how install and run the Virtual Machines? I read all posts in this section and i know that are some problems with esxi system in q1900. Can i use Xenserver or Hyper-V Windows. Someone can help me to do this system?