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  1. Tried some more to resolve(adding multiple network adapters) success it boots normally only if I add no network adapters. But this is not good as this is NAS and needs network
  2. Hi, I have a problem with this image XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.3 build 3810 (ESXi v1.1)... when I boot the VM, I see an error "Error internal NIC devices 1 does not equal to internal NIC number 4". The main problem is, that ESX 5.5 and all other VMs stops responding to the network requests. So I need to shutdown virtual xpenology via ESXi shell. Any Idea?? br
  3. Hi, Mellanox ConnectX® InfiniBand (MHGH28-XTC) 10GB ethernet 30€ dual port card on ebay. Cheap 10 GB ethernet "General page for supported drivers for the above card are 1.5.3-3.0.0" ... sw_drivers (on the archive tab) As the infiniband card with VPI can be IP over IB or some other protocols like FC over IB I hope the driver for network s correct below: for ISO ... x86_64.iso for tgz ... x86_64.tgz Regards, Gooba
  4. The same model and capacity are the original design and limitation, you can check the help page for detail information. I know this is by design but also the Synology SW wasn't designed to run on PC I guess the limitation is in some function, which requires two disks and the same disks. For me one SSD for READ cache is enough as it is only read cache.
  5. I found the configuration file to change for SSD to get on the compatibility list: /etc/support_ssd.db /etc.defaults/support_ssd.db I added disks below to my box...but I have problem that two disks are not the same model. So If I don't wan't to buy new SSD I would like to get arround this limitation. Any Idea? [OCZ-AGILITY3] brand="OCZ" size="120GB" since="2359" support_models="RS10613xs+,RS3413xs+" [OCZ-VERTEX3] brand="OCZ" size="120GB" since="2359" support_models="RS10613xs+,RS3413xs+"
  6. Could You please add support for SSD in RS3413xs+ build or explain where can support be added(is it in some config file?): OCZ vertex 3 OCZ agility 3 Samsung 840 Pro Thank You
  7. what about Hyper-v support? I tried to boot from converted .VDI file to .VHD, but synology is not detected from SynoAssistant. I also converted .IMG file to .VHD but also not detected... Probably the problem is in the network cards available in Hyper-v. I tried both (normal and legacy card) Regards
  8. Hi Andy, Thank you for this build with additional drivers. Now the issues 1. If I try to install on 3ware controller there is no option, as the disk is not seen in the initail installation wizzard(web page). when looking at the console when booting I see that SCSI controller is detected as removable drive. I think this is the problem why I can't install on RAID disk. 2. If I install on SATA the install goes OK but after reboot when almost all is loaded, the DS goes to shutdown. If I unplug the RAID controller then everything is working OK. Except RAID of course:( I wou
  9. gooba


    I have synology installed on SATA disk on onboard controller. I created 3ware module and loaded it. Synology detects HW raid 3ware disk with no problem. I can create volumes and stuff... The problem is after reboot, when I load module again (automatic or manual) the disk is detected again, but it is not initialized and there is no more volumes or data on that 3ware disk. Does anybody know what would be the cause? Thx
  10. gooba


    3ware 9650se support allso wanted
  11. Thank you for this build. It works OK on my board like it did on DSM4.1. I noticed that there are no additional drivers included such as 3Ware 9650se Raid Controller. Can you please confirm or deny if there is any plan to add support for such HW in the future? I'm asking becouse I would like to use XPEnology for VM's and data storage. I wouldn't like to copy couple TB of data 2 times if some day there would option to use my 3ware storage controller driver built in XPEnology, which is much faster than SW RAID. Thank You
  12. instructions would be great, so we wouldn't bother you for every little driver. Otherwise, the thing works great for me. Except cloud sync. The status shows "authorisation required" when enabled. Probably becouse of MAS or Serial number..