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  1. I don't have raid enabled, just single Basic volumes on each drive. Is there no way to do this? The WD Red has been sitting in a box for almost a week
  2. Hello, I have XPEnology with DSM 5.2 Update 5 running on a HP Gen8, with 4 HDDs. The first HDD, where DSM is installed, is a 1TB WD Black, which I want to change for a new 3TB WD RED. Is there a way to just "clone" the info on the old drive to the new drive (including the DSM installation) so I don't have to reinstall, just plug in my new 3TB HDD and be good to go? Thanks.
  3. You can use it to install any OS. It is an alternative to connecting mouse, keyboard and screen directly to the microserver - http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/enterpri ... nsole.html Thanks a lot, had no idea it's that easy. Problem solved As a sidenote in case anyone else reads this, you will need iLO advanced to access the remote console, it's locked in the free version. I luckily managed to get my hands on a key though
  4. @butter_fry Thanks for the ideas, the easiest one would be down arrow twice, then enter, but how could I know when to do it since the whole booting process takes like 5 minutes and there is only a short window (5 seconds i think) until it automatically chooses the first option. I will try the cfg edit, if I got it right I will have to add the lines you wrote to the beggining of syslinux.cfg, boot and install DSM, shutdown when done, replace syslinux.cfg with default one and restart the server. Is this correct? @TBK I have no idea how to use iLO RDP, is there a tutorial for using RDP to install XPEnology? Thank you!
  5. Hello, I just bought a HP Microserver Gen8 for the sole purpose of using it with XPEnology. However I am facing a major problem setting it up, since I don't own any monitor ( I just have 2 laptops and a TV without VGA/DVI) and I don't know anyone who could lend me a monitor sadly. Is there any way to do this without a monitor? From the tutorial I see the monitor is required just to select update/install when booting from USB...