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  1. repulse

    Open vmtools for dsm 6.1 on esxi 6.5

    Could it be used on ESXI 6.0 ? Running on Microserver Gen8 with dsm6.
  2. REMEMBER TO BACKUP BEFORE MESSING WITH DISKS OR PARTITIONS/VOLUMES Tested on DSM 6.1 through ESXI 6 here. Few days ago, my DSM started complaining about low disk space available on volume 1. It was only 16gb. So, i tried to expand it few times after expanding .vmdk but "Extend" buttond stay grayed. After few tries and installations f*cked up, here is the way i did it, and it should work on barebone install too : Keep the disk you want to "copy" in the Diskstation, then put the new drive in avalible slot, and make them to RAID1 - mirror. When the its done, then remove old volume 1 disk and add change freshly added disk to whatever was ancient volume 1 (i.e scsi 0:0, or 0:1). This will give you a degraded state Raid 1 with only new volume 1. Then activate Telnet an use this command : mdadm --grow --raid-devices=1 --force /dev/md2 (RAID1 to BASIC) Now the new disk is basic again an you can expand it to its full size.
  3. Here is my grub.cfg file content, and where i placed rmmod=ata_piix
  4. I edited it the osfmount way. When at home, i can post my grub.cfg file to see what's wrong with it.
  5. And that's what i've done. Without success.
  6. For those who used rmmod=ata_piix, where did you placed it in your grub.cfg file ?
  7. Can i use my DS1515+ serial and mac in Xpeno ? Is that even a good idea, as my DS1515+ is still in use.
  8. Finally it's ok, i did a fresh install following this guide, everything went smooth. Working great with 6.1. Perfect !
  9. What process did you follow to install ? I've already a 5.2 DSM virtual machine without USB, how could i update it to latest version ?
  10. repulse

    Esxi DSM 6 ovf deploy - Jun's loader

    Any way to update to latest Jun's loader with this template ?
  11. Hi folks, Running from ESXI on an HPE Microserver Gen8 xith Xeon-E3 processor, what bootloader should i choose : DS3615xs, DS3617xs, ou DS916+ ? And why ?
  12. repulse

    Misplaced volumes

    Ah, thanks dude, seems to be exactly what i need. Will try it ASAP, and report
  13. repulse

    Misplaced volumes

    I've done this as suggested in thread linked in first post.