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  1. repulse

    Config toute prête pour ESXi

    Hum, je viens de tester la VM sous VMware Workstation 14, et j'ai beau ajouter les disques en SATA, IDE ou SCSI, ils ne sont jamais détectés par le DSM. Impossible donc d'installer... Une manip à faire ?
  2. repulse

    Config toute prête pour ESXi

    Effectivement, vu comme ça.
  3. repulse

    Config toute prête pour ESXi

    Hum d'acc. C'est pas la mort. Une raison particulière au fait de forcer la mac ?
  4. repulse

    Config toute prête pour ESXi

    Ça peut être bien pratique, merci ! Concernant l'adresse mac, elle s'appuie sur celle fournie par VMware ou elle est à changer ?
  5. repulse

    Open vmtools for dsm 6.1 on esxi 6.5

    Could it be used on ESXI 6.0 ? Running on Microserver Gen8 with dsm6.
  6. REMEMBER TO BACKUP BEFORE MESSING WITH DISKS OR PARTITIONS/VOLUMES Tested on DSM 6.1 through ESXI 6 here. Few days ago, my DSM started complaining about low disk space available on volume 1. It was only 16gb. So, i tried to expand it few times after expanding .vmdk but "Extend" buttond stay grayed. After few tries and installations f*cked up, here is the way i did it, and it should work on barebone install too : Keep the disk you want to "copy" in the Diskstation, then put the new drive in avalible slot, and make them to RAID1 - mirror. When the its done, then remove old volume 1 disk and add change freshly added disk to whatever was ancient volume 1 (i.e scsi 0:0, or 0:1). This will give you a degraded state Raid 1 with only new volume 1. Then activate Telnet an use this command : mdadm --grow --raid-devices=1 --force /dev/md2 (RAID1 to BASIC) Now the new disk is basic again an you can expand it to its full size.
  7. Here is my grub.cfg file content, and where i placed rmmod=ata_piix
  8. I edited it the osfmount way. When at home, i can post my grub.cfg file to see what's wrong with it.
  9. And that's what i've done. Without success.
  10. For those who used rmmod=ata_piix, where did you placed it in your grub.cfg file ?
  11. Can i use my DS1515+ serial and mac in Xpeno ? Is that even a good idea, as my DS1515+ is still in use.
  12. Finally it's ok, i did a fresh install following this guide, everything went smooth. Working great with 6.1. Perfect !
  13. What process did you follow to install ? I've already a 5.2 DSM virtual machine without USB, how could i update it to latest version ?