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  1. finally I just have two sshd running on different ports. one from dsm, another - from entware. `/opt/etc/init.d/S40sshd start` starts service and it starts up after reboot as well
  2. Hi DSM 6.1.5 I would like to replace integrated sshd server (ver 6.8) by installing latest from Entware/Optware which is ver 7.6 ? after opkg install openssh-server it is installed but not being picked up by system. there is still old version running. synoservicectl --restart sshd starts old version again which is in /usr/bin/sshd, optware installs it in /opt/... tried to replace /usr/bin/sshd executable with new one - it doesnt start at all. maybe i'm going wrong direction and shall run it aside? ideas? where is startup script btw? thanks
  3. update: after reboot (just applied latest security patch) it stopped redirecting me (302). just always giving me 404
  4. Hi i'm running DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5. Web station package installed. I tried to configure simplest reverse proxy configuration: redirect http://server/path to docker container at http://localhost:port, however it looks like for some stupid reason it cant be done via UI - only port redirection is available. So configuration tweaks required. I have read number of articles. One of those is here Most of them tell to work with /usr/local/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* Ok. i created config file as below and put under that folder. Reloaded configs with nginx -s reload. (and yes, it picks up config, i had syntax error in my file and it told me that) server { listen 80; location /portainer { proxy_pass; proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $remote_addr; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade"; } } However, result is far from positive. My server named tank.local. When i open http://tank.local/portainer i always get redirected to http://tank.local:5000 Tried other containers like grafana or node-red. same result. Looked at server response : always getting 302 Moved permanently and redirection to http://tank.local:5000 I also inspected nginx.conf, tried to use another way - via /usr/loca/etc/nginx/conf.d/www.*.conf same result. at some point i was getting 404, but after i did synoservicecfg --restart nginx i'm always getting 302 moved permanently Any ideas?
  5. Thanks a lot, @IG-88 I think its worth mentioning that bus driver i2c-piix4.ko (if it was build by my request) - is patched version for HP. I'm not sure it will perfectly work on other systems. Other than that - modules that are relevant to my HP N54L got loaded properly and work normal (jc42,k10temp,w83795)! I will need to double check ranges and sensors settings though. Next step - will be thinking of best way to load this on boot. I'm still quite new to DSM 6, will be updating myself on its init procedure. Console output w83795adg-i2c-1-2f Adapter: SMBus PIIX4 adapter port 2 at 0b00 Vcore: +1.19 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +2.05 V) Vdimm: +1.51 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +2.05 V) in12: +3.29 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +6.14 V) in13: +3.23 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +6.14 V) System Fan: 1052 RPM (min = 329 RPM) CPU Temp: +70.2 C (high = +109.0 C, hyst = +109.0 C) (crit = +109.0 C, hyst = +109.0 C) sensor = thermal diode NB Temp: +49.0 C (high = +105.0 C, hyst = +105.0 C) (crit = +105.0 C, hyst = +105.0 C) sensor = thermal diode MB Temp: +34.8 C (high = +39.0 C, hyst = +39.0 C) (crit = +44.0 C, hyst = +44.0 C) sensor = thermistor k10temp-pci-00c3 Adapter: PCI adapter CPU Temp: +75.5 C (high = +70.0 C) (crit = +100.0 C, hyst = +95.0 C) jc42-i2c-0-18 Adapter: SMBus PIIX4 adapter port 0 at 0b00 RAM1 Temp: +44.8 C (low = +0.0 C) ALARM (HIGH, CRIT) (high = +0.0 C, hyst = +0.0 C) (crit = +0.0 C, hyst = +0.0 C) Hide
  6. to be honest i have failed to run it in 5.2 now i have intention to make it work i think i'm missing following modules - can you help also with those please? thanks jc42 w83795 k10temp
  7. @IG-88 Thats very kind of you! Thanks! Shall i put it inside extra.lzma (which section will work best?) or i can load it with modprobe? thanks again
  8. Hello @IG-88 I wonder if there is a possibility to compile drivers for HP Microserver Gen7 (N36L, N40L, N54L) - in particular I2C driver for winbond W83795ADG - to be able to monitor hardware status with lm-sensors. I found a github repo with drivers. I also remember there was generous person who did this by my request for DSM 5. I (and i suppose many of MicroServer owners) would be very thankful if you can build driver for DSM 6. Thanks a lot!!!
  9. Hi using 5.2-5644 haven't tried to add new users since year or year and a half ago. updated xpenology version couple times during this period trying to add user - it fails. /var/log/messages tell me among some other lines Feb 23 14:49:32 Tank entry.cgi_SYNO.Core.User[1].get[27053]: user_db_get.c:84 SLIBCBdbGet(HOMEASSISTANT) failed [0x2000 bdb_get.c:102] Feb 23 14:49:34 Tank entry.cgi_SYNO.Core.Quota[1].inspect[27059]: quota_db_query.cpp:42 Failed to prepare SELECT quota_mb FROM group_quota WHERE id == @id; (no such table: group_quota) Feb 23 14:49:34 Tank entry.cgi_SYNO.Core.Quota[1].inspect[27059]: quota.cpp:609 Failed to get group constraint on /dev/vg1000/lv [0x2A00 quota_db_query.cpp:43] then i tried to edit existing user, opened quota tab - can't edit it. cant save it. similar messages Feb 23 14:54:08 Tank entry.cgi_SYNO.Core.Quota[1].set[28145]: quota_db_query.cpp:42 Failed to prepare SELECT quota_mb FROM user_quota WHERE id == @id; (no such table: user_quota) Feb 23 14:54:08 Tank entry.cgi_SYNO.Core.Quota[1].set[28145]: quota.cpp:421 SYNOQuotaUsrQuotaGet() for anna on /volume1 failed [0x2A00 quota_db_query.cpp:43] apparently, some quota settings tables are missing... is there an option to recreate it? how did i lost them on the way?
  10. Dear Trantor, is there a place to download and test dev builds? Thanks a lot
  11. Hi i'm using HP Microserver Gen7. It would be great to have I2C Driver for accessing voltage, temperature and fan values. I saw one on github ( It is a patched version of i2c-piix4 with support Winbond W83795ADG. and i saw something similar in kernel
  12. Is there a way to read temperature values from SMBus? I tried to install lm-sensors package, but it cant read since there is no i2c-piix4 kernel module (using 5.1)