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  1. Hi, I am about to build a VMWare ESXi 5.5 (for VM's) / NAS running XPENology (DSM5.2) and need some advice on the best / standard setup for perfomance and safe storage. I want DSM volumes to be separate from ESXi diskstore so that I can map a network drive from a laptop on the same network and store files on DSM. I was thinking that I would use 2 x 4TB WD Red HDD for DSM volume and have a backup process to sync with the last 1 x 4TB WD Red HDD. Hardware: Asrock AM1H-ITX mini-itx board AMD 5350 CPU 16GB RAM 3 x 4TB WD Red HDD 1 x SDD? (See below) What is the best setup to ach
  2. Hi Excellent time of year here In Brisbane not too hot and not cold either. Thanks I tried virtual box and got further but not all the way. Turning my attention to a diy NAS Arock Mini-itx with Amd cpu and 16gb ram with 3 storage 3.5" hdd and one SSD for OS that is for ESXi Is it possible to have ESXi with one VM for XPEnology / DSM on the SSD and have the 3 hdd storage in DSM for both regular file storage for the laptop and to store ESXi VM,s. I want to run a virtual win desktop and virtual server from the NAS and to rdp into them on the NAS from a separate laptop but also map
  3. Wow what a coincidence NZ is nice we are in Brisbane it is nice here too. Thanks for helping out will get the right software I will try tonight. I have given up on VMware and trying VirtualBox using Kernel 2.6 / 3 / 4 at 64bit host for XPEnoboot. Hopefully this works with nested Virtualbox. Fingers crossed.
  4. Hi, Thanks very much for the quick reply. Yes you have it right I am just testing out running VMware with XPEnoboot, DSM 5.2 and VirtualBox with a Win7 VM to see how it all works before I purchase a Synology NAS. I thought it might have something to do with nesting Virtualbox inside VMware. I tried the processor changes and error message "Virtualized Intel Vt-x/EPT is not supported on this platform" does this mean my Laptop does not support this or the Linux OS I have installed on VMware that hosts XPEnology needs something changed? Just to get the basic compatibility right what ve
  5. Hi, Has anyone got VMware + XPEnoboot + DSM 5.2 + PhpVirtualbox to work successsfully with a Win7 VM installed? Mine keep crashing (PhpVirtualbox) just after booting for the first time from a Win7 .ISO I have tried reinstalling etc but same everytime. If you have got these to work exactly what versions are you running for each of the components? Thanks