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  1. But that's impossible, because simply the fact that it's connected to your home network means it's connected to "internet" and accessible by any security issue. Or do you mean to don't open ports to access the NAS? I ussually connect home trough a VPN. Thankyou Gus
  2. Thankyou @flyride for your support. A little more clear now, but, if "6.2.x releases are simply security/bugfixes at this point," then it would be interesting to stay on this 6.2.2 or is 6.1.7 also "patched" for those security/bugfixes? Thankyou Gus
  3. As the title say, and with the impossibility to get 6.2.2 working, is there any problem of staying in 6.1.7 ? As I don't really know how synology dsm / updates work, do ALL synology models are able of update to recent dsm's like 6.2.2 or are models that like Apple / Windows computer's (depending of computer hardware) will only be able to update to certain dsm's versions? Thankyou Gus
  4. @Mikeyboy2007 Finally got it running with: DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img - Add VID - Add PID - Add serial from web key generator - Add Real MAC Address Add extra.lzma (extra3615_v4.8.zip) to second partition of the DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img and overwrite extra.lzma. Use DSM_DS3615xs_15284.pat to install DSM. *********************************************** @flyride Now I have to find how to install 6.2.2 I will try another time: 1.03b loader and DS3615xs DSM 6.2.2 will work if you add an Intel NIC or
  5. I had it well as I was on BIOS. Anything else I can try ? I have a question about security... Do some Synology models stay on 6.1.* and do they receive security updates or are all synology models capable to update to 6.2.2? I don’t know if like for example Apple computers depending on the hardware and how old they are, only can update to certain version of Mac OS. I would like not to stay in 6.1.* if there are security holes in the OS. Thankyou @flyride @Mikeyboy2007 any news??? have you been able to install xpenology???
  6. Some more data: The net cards are: Broadcom BCM5716C Do matter if I select in boot mode : BIOS or UEFI ? Thankyou Gus
  7. @flyride @Mikeyboy2007 Added the extra.lzma and zImage and rd.gz without luck. First bootup without any problem, installed .pat, restarted and didn't appear. Anything else to try ? Thankyou Gus
  8. If you are using the motherboard sata ports I think it's not raid. If I'm not wrong the raid was a pci card. Can you @flyride tell us exactly what files to copy? If I'm not wrong we have to replace some files on 2on partition of the usb. Is this? The bootloader:
  9. Supongo que ya lo habrás aveirguado como veo que el post ya tiene tiempo. Estoy por quedarme un N36L como segundo servidor y queria preguntarte si puedes comentar los tamaños que admite. Saludos GUS
  10. @maykel535 ¿Lo solucionastes? ¿Que tal se porta el N36L con XPEnology? ¿Supongo que no hay problemas con los otros discos? Gracias. Saludos GUS
  11. Supongo que se refiere que a través del synology puedes hacer que unas carpetas concretas se copien a otro disco. Saludos Gus
  12. Hombre todos sabemos de la posibilidad de perder datos, de ahí tener un sistema de backup, pero uno quiere que sea estable y si hay un fallo que sea debido a un fallo de hardware pero no de software. De momento he optado por unRAID. Saludos Gus
  13. Muchas gracias @Konata400 y @fonta_nero. Ya lo tengo un poco más claro. Saludos Gus