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  1. I'm in the process of swapping my xpenology to a faster machine. The 4 hard drives will remain the same. Do I just swap the USB boot drive to the new machine or do I need to make a new one? Thanks
  2. ctltd

    Update 5.2-5644-8 safe to install ?

    Same here!!
  3. I am trying to repurpose a Gigabyte motherboard to run xpenology. it is a F2A85X-4UP with an AMD A6 processor. I tried the latest USB boot drive and it booted fine but said eht) not running. It has a realtek PCIe GBE network adapter so I saw where there wasn't a driver for it. So looking at the 'working hardware' list I found that TP-Link TG4368 adapter was working. I bought one and installed it and xpenoboot boots fine but this new network adapter doesn't work either. I get the same message 'eth0 not working'. and it is not visible or available on the network nor in the DHCP list from the router. Not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions??? Steve
  4. ctltd

    DSM 5.2-5644-8 update

    Did you update with the download through Synology or did you have the pat file seperate?? Steve Posted via Xpenology.us
  5. ctltd

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    I second that!! Need the realtek Steve
  6. ctltd

    Hardware Info on new install

    Is there anyway just using the USB boot disk to tell if hardware is compatible with Xpenology without doing a full install. I have an older MB but don't want to risk any of my data. The Motherboard is a Gigabyte F285X-UP4 and the processor is an AMD A10.
  7. ctltd

    Switching hardware

    If I wanted to switch my xpenology to new hardware will it work?? I will keep the hard drives the same and just move them and the USB drive to a new system. What steps do I need to take and are there any risks of loosing data? Steve
  8. ctltd

    Wont boot with certain USB flash drive

    Yes they have. Both written with the same image from the same computer.
  9. ctltd

    xpenology freezing

    I am running xpenology 5.2.5644 R5 on a Dell Vostro 420 and it works beautifully. One small caveat I have is after about 5-7 days the xpenology freezes. The PC is still running but I have no access to it at all. If I pull the power to the unit and plug it back in it works just fine for another 5-7 days. I find no specific error in the logs other than xpenology experienced an improper shutdown and that is from me pulling the power. After I pull the power and restore it there is NO consistency check performed on the disks by the xpenology. I am really not sure how to troubleshoot this problem. Do you have any suggestion on turning on any type of advanced logging or where to check for more detailed logging other than the log center?? Any ideas?
  10. ctltd

    Wont boot with certain USB flash drive

    It boots just fine with one flash drive installed but not the other, that is what is confusing me. What is wierd is on the flash drive that wont boot, If I start the computer with the flash drive out and then immediately insert the flash drive after I power on the computer it boots just fine. Like I said....really strange. I'll look for a legacy mode in the BIOS.
  11. I wanted to use a new USB drive to boot my xpenology. It works fine with my old USB flash drive but I wanted a smaller one. When I put the new smaller one it it hangs on boot. I can insert the new drive just after the boot starts and it will boot the xpenology just fine. With my older USB flash drive it boots and reboots just fine. I am just confused. This is on Dell Vostro 420 hardware.
  12. ctltd

    Replace USB Boot drive

    Thanks for the input guys. Got it working fine now.
  13. ctltd

    Replace USB Boot drive

    I have my xpenology up and running fine. I just got me a new super small USB Flash drive and I want to replace the current one which sticks out a bit. Is there anything special I need to do to make the swap work without harming anything in the system? Steve