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  1. Running DSM 6.1.5-152 54 on Jun's 1.03b My situation /dev/synoboot /dev/synoboot1 /dev/synoboot2 present How may I upgrade? Thanks
  2. mouse

    Update to 1.04b

    Ciao io ho ugualmente una loader 1.02b - DS3617XS con una CPU E5-2650L v4...posso passare alla 1.04b? E riesco a migrare tutta la macchina o devo reinstallare app e impostazioni ex novo? sarebbe un tutorial nel caso? Grazie
  3. Tried...really thanks it works. Cannot understand which file I try to install...
  4. Have you tried to install it? All work?
  5. Hi I'm a subscriber of this online backup service. They release a spk file for synology here: I'm in trouble 'cause in my DS3617xs xpenolgy (DSM 6.1.2-15132) the downloaded file (memopal-x64-3.3.2-4093.spk) won't install Some suggestion? Thanks
  6. mouse

    Domanda scema

    Io ho proprio quel processore (un v4 in versione es) e va tutto bene
  7. I'm interested on point 3 too. On my 3617xs on esxi 6.5 it seems not sleeping
  8. Someone may help a noob how to use the 1.02b .img provided with a existing installation of a 1.02a on a ESXI 6.5 vm? I put the img file on the machine folder but nothing seems change...I remember the old directory published on Mega contains the vmdk file too Really thanks in advance
  9. mouse

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Please elaborate Nothing much to elaborate. Most people using v1.02a2 are able to run dsm 6.1 with 3617xs. There is nothing wrong with the patch. Agree working like a charm into a esxi 6.5 I previously cannot find it cause I've to plug the correct Ethernet cable[emoji1]
  10. mouse

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Yes a real cs407, but with the 3615 I haven't had this issue
  11. mouse

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I got this error on my esxi 6.5 launching the 3617xs vmdk Failed - Unsupported or invalid disk type 2 for 'scsi0:1' I tried on virtualbox and VMware but hasn't any errors From a old guide I've set as IDE (0:0) and check “Independent -> non-persistent” and I may boot, but I after I cannot find the box in any way
  12. mouse

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I got this error on my esxi 6.5 launching the 3617xs vmdk Failed - Unsupported or invalid disk type 2 for 'scsi0:1'
  13. mouse

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Really useful, can't wait for the 3617 tut Inviato dal mio PRO 5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. Il processore è un e5 con 14c, e la scheda madre ha 4 lan. Il disco per le VM è un SSD su pcie Non ho capito il senso dell'ultima parte...ogni VM un controller SATA?
  15. Salve mi intrometto per capire anche io... Sto realizzando un server casalingo per rottamare il mio synology del 2008 e vorrei capire l'utilità di esxi. Io vorrei avviare diverse vm (4 almeno) per pfsense, server mediaportal, Nas e Linux Consigliate comunque di mettere le 3 macchine che girano su xpenlogy o tutte e 4 sotto esxi?