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  1. Hello, I own a Synology DS212+ and works fine, but I have recently decided to create a faster Synology box with XPEnology. I am running it on an Lenovo Think Centre m93p Specs on PC are ________________ Processor type Intel Core i5-4570T Processor speed 2900.0 MHz Number of Cores 2.0 Graphics Graphics Type Integrated Primary Graphics Chipset Intel HD Graphics 4600 Storage Drive 1 size 500.0 GB Drive 1 type Hard Disk Drive Drive 1 speed 7200.0 RPM Ports and Connections Available Interfaces •Audio - Microphone In (1/8 •DisplayPort •USB 3.0 •VGA Ethernet Type 10/100/1000 Mbps Wireless connection •802.11b •802.11g •802.11n First of all thank you, I was able to get it running, first time install, but did the install 3 to 4 times over until I finally got the .5592 installed with update 2 with a modified serial number so I am able to use quickconnect etc.,, anyways I have Surveillance station installed, the exact same one with same licenses in my DS212+, everything runs, thing is, on my new install on XPEnology the package Surveillance fails after a few minutes or hours, the message I get when I launch it is "The Service is disabled now". To get it back I need to stop the service and restart. I also notice that Plex does not auto start on restart also Craftbukkit, I need to login and manually launch each package. Any help woud be greatly appreciated. I would like to know what I can do to have it not fail. Again I am up to date with 5592 and update 2 and boot image 5592.2 many Thanks
  2. jackofallsorts

    Camera License

    I just left it to it's defaults. ram ez-connect that connected the router to it, that's pretty much it
  3. jackofallsorts

    Synology 211+ and TV Tuner 950Q

    I have a Synology NAS and I have been unable to get any TUNER to work with the DVB, even though it is supported 950Q, it's not the same number on the Website, I have the 1176, the Hauppauge 950Q Hyrbrid TV stick Anyone know how to get this thing to finally work with the NAS
  4. jackofallsorts

    Camera License

    Need help in accessing my Camera from my phone, I seem to only be able to connect to the camera from my home but not outside.