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    loosing connection to server

    since I seemed to be the only one here I wanted to clarify what the issue was in case someone else bumps into it: with El Capitan Apple seems to ditch afp protocol and seems to prefer smb, accordingly since this was an upgrade all my settings and credentials were stored with afp. After changing to smb it seems to work btw I discovered recently controlplane to automate login
  2. cd_sg

    loosing connection to server

    Hi folks, need some advice. For quite a while I'm having below issue and can't find a solution. I'm on DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4 and desktop is an iMac on El Capitan. Usually I have at start up all my shared folders connected automatically. Recently it won't work, manually to try to connect doesn't work as the NAS won't accept user and password. On the NAS itself I noticed it can't connect to internet when I go to restore & update also Plex server tends just to stop running. Plus resource monitor won't start with connection error. I once deleted the network settings and set up from fresh and it seemed to be fine but not anymore. I have a fixed IP and manual gateway configured. Just drives me nuts. In notificatons I see that snmp failed to start, do I need this ? If yes how to start ? btw the original DS411j dowsn't show this behaviour any tips are supi dupi appreciated - thanks PS: found the snmp thingy and I don't need that whu would it try to start it ?
  3. Hi, finally finished to build my xpenology. Asus P8H77-I Intel 3220T 5 WD 3TB Red I also have a Synology DS411j and copied from there most of data on to the xpenology. Both Nas are connected through a time capsule to the network, the TC funtions as a switch behind my actual Asus rt-n56u router. I have though a bit of a problem. After a while my iMac can't connect via finder to it anymore also apple tv can't see it but I can access it via web interface and I can see that the router has registered it. I couldn't figure a pattern why it loses this connection. The DS441j on 4.3 doesn't show this behavior. Forgot: I also seem to have issues with the reboot out of DSM, it hangs and I have to "hard" shut down by pressing the power button. Any hint would be great. Thanks
  4. cd_sg

    How to install XPEnology

    standard lassword for admin is blank (so nothing to enter) A reset is usually done on a Snology device by pressing reset button for 4 secs not sure about byos device